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Gaeta North, 03 December 11, 2011

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Starting at Cash Cow once more, this night finds Baker Bloch heading away from the ocean and Sandy Beach Trail toward the east. A seeming impasse due to property banlines is bizarrely solved through a timely teleporter, which when touched takes him beyond the banned properties and allows him to continue his eastward journey.


… balanced by nearby, larger “Angel of Peace,” seemingly.

The angel stares towards what’s called Shop II of the Visions Gallery, according to the sign over the front entrance. This is the last structure directly west of Cash Cow before reaching the Great Unknown, the limit of the continent before it stopped forming in probably 2009 as well.

Story on the continent’s formation here from the Second Life Wiki, where it is called “Gaeta I”:

I prefer to call Gaeta I an unformed or unfinished continent, however, rather than the Linden’s preferred term of sub-continent. But should probably think about that further.

Back to the Visions Gallery: Baker is attracted to a working, ticking clock. He takes note of the position of the hands in respect to the hour numbers: “Aren’t the two bits of Gaeta called “I” and “V” as well?” he ponders. In checking later on, he finds this to be so. The clock seems to somehow represent Gaeta itself, perhaps in its unmanifested wholeness.

Baker Bloch at the lip of the Great Unknown on the eastern edge of Gaeta I just beyond the Visions Gallery.

Superimposition of that Visions Gallery clock with the Linden’s map showing the spacial relationship of Gaeta I and Gaeta V, with the added caption stating that Gaeta was planned (or still is planned?) as a group of 5 linked continents total “sharing variants of the name Gaeta.”

More sights from the east and south of Cash Cow. Baker Bloch is making his way back to the coast now, and the site of the ancient city or community of Cashmere, according to Hucka D., which still has traces in the area.


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