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Cash Cow December 9, 2011

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“You don’t have much time tonight so you need my help.”


Thanks Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

The continent is truly called Cash Cow and, yes, it has something to do with present circumstances. [Delete name] wanted you to know that.


Interesting for sure (smiles). Cash Cow is rather divided into two separate parts, Hucka D., north to south. Your Sunkland area is in the middle, and that’s where I have, er, don’t have a name yet for my establishment.

Hucka D. (suggesting):

Cash Cow.


I don’t think the name of my small area there should be the same as the continent, Hucka D.

Hucka D. (suggesting again):



Hucka D., how important is Cash Cow[ in the bigger scheme of things]?

Hucka D.:

Things come through The Wall. NORRIS knows.




I bloch. I control. Black holes. Wall. Black. Wall.


Hi NORRIS. Do you pipe them off to a different location?


Keep working on me, NORRIS. I am in a Second Life building now, with a second life.


You mean since you’re kind of closed for the winter in real life.


Yes. I know of Cash Cow now. Interesting, as you like to say. Cash Cow is a part of Pietmond[ like the norris Gallery].


I thought I’d continue without the blog spirits for a while. NORRIS knows Cash Cow, eh? Is he talking about the whole continent or just my little bitty stake in it? Anyway, Pietmond, I believe, has officially become a two phased town, which really and probably should be considered one phase. Next up is the deletion of the Galactic Gallery, since most of the Kollage Kid art has been moved to the TILE Temple (and also the 2nd floor of the Home o’ Fibs, now directly connected to the temple on both of its floors). This will free up a lot of prims for, well, not sure of what? Maybe even a guest artist??

There are many mysteries still to be solved about Pietmond. The role of Lemon, Lime and Orange House in its history. Lemon House is now stuck to the back of the Blue Feather Gallery, just as Home o’ Fibs is now stuck or glued or made one with Pietmond’s central TILE Temple.

Must, then, finish updating the Blue Feather Gallery, along with developing the NORRIS or norris Gallery which may now be “merely” the Norris Castle or Castle Norris. Related to Billstle, which would have been next door? Will Lime House return to Pietmond, former home of Ticky Bill (speaking of The Bill)?

Theory: Pietmond is truly beyond me, and has a consciousness of its own. “Of course,” is what I hear Hucka D. saying here. It draws people to it. What began as me will end as me and others. Significant others and not people I don’t really know. Where, even, is the dividing line? Is it [delete name]? “Could be,” I hear Hucka D. inserting here. You have to have a line drawn somewhere.

Merk Coolie Brighton: Who will accept me as such and who will reject me. That is the line.


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