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Pietmond Rocks? 04 December 8, 2011

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 7:28 am

A focal point has become the new, crooked building of Pietmond, as yet unnamed.

Baker Bloch walking down toward the building from the east.

The No Room or Noroom (or Norum) cemetery has returned to Pietmond beside the TILE Temple. Great. A smaller version of the central pond of Pietmond from a couple of months ago has also manifested in this general space, along with some perpetually swimming, small, yellow fish.

I decided a bridge was needed over one of the several entrances to Pietmond’s Underground, this one immediately beside the crooked building (and just beyond the cemetery and pond). Will the Underground remain mere earthen passages or will it be developed into an urban grunge hotspot as in classic Pietmond? Time will tell.

And then yet another small addition tonight: What appears to be a statue of a Trojan Warrior has been inserted atop the mysterious mound that appeared in Pietmond about a month ago or so. Despite the outward, martial appearance, is it actually a vegetative deity? Note that it stands right beside one of the two largest trees of Pietmond, a 30 meter high Italian cypress of Lilith Heart design, and is somewhat similar in color to it.

Statue from overhead. Does it, in combination with the colonnade ruins on the other side of it from the giant cypress, represent the remains of an ancient Pietmond culture?


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