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Gaeta North, 02 December 8, 2011

Filed under: Gaeta Continent — baker Blinker @ 7:15 am

Baker Bloch has a new, second home of sorts: Cash Cow, which apparently lies within the ancient limits of Cashmere. Hucka D. is telling me that Cash Cow is newer than Cashmere, and the latter represents the name origin of the former. I believe a relationship to Cashmere, Washington is being implied, and also to Little Robert Plant Variant of Sunklands fame, who mentions this RL city in a post from late 2009:

Baker Bloch leaving Cash Cow to explore the Cashmere area more. Cash Cow is composed of two identical, open structures within a small grove of mainly oak trees in fall colors.

Heading west to the Gaeta Ocean.

Properties at or near the ocean, all positioned around a central Linden path of the continent called the Sandy Beach Trail, which is about 5 meters wide and extends through about 11 sims total in looping around the central bay area of Gaeta North.

More on Sandy Beach Trail soon.


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