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Free Otto December 8, 2011

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“I was in that Sunkland for a long time. 1880s. 1890s. River basin divided, then. 2 instead of 1.”


Thanks, Hucka D. I am at the foot of a tree.

Hucka D.:

A tree has a foot, true. Tree foot. Size 16.




Hucka D.:

This is a Sunkland. Formerly a lake. Things, er, come across the Wall at night. During the day, even. These are like the black holes of the Woods of Hawl. Rocks control. Temple controls. Keep working on the Norris Gallery/Temple.


Thanks. I will. What is the name of this continent?

Hucka D.:

Cash Cow.


Is it the end of Pietmond?

[no answer]


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