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Gaeta North December 6, 2011

Filed under: Gaeta Continent — baker Blinker @ 9:09 am

In the past several weeks, what I’m calling the Gaeta North continent, or partial continent to be more correct about it, has become a sort of focus of interest for me.

I found the oceans surrounding the partial continent to have some seemingly worthwhile subjects for study.

A beach front in what I now call Cashmere, I believe (formerly Cash Cow?).

More Gaeta North scenes in just teleporting around the partially formed continent at random.

More underwater ruins.

Representation of a former king or ruler of Gaeta? What about the red eyes? Evil? Looks a lot like the Neptune statue heads of Nautilus, but they had just the empty eye sockets. If there is lasting meaning to “Gaeta North”, Baker Bloch might find it at the central Cashmere location. Working theory.

Two of the few, legitimate peaks found in the area.


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