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Pietmond Rocks? 01 December 5, 2011

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Tonight I’ve been busy numbering the central and largest Dongoba temple’s rocks, which so far top off at 66. This is above my former estimate of 50, and doesn’t include hidden inner rocks, smaller rocks that I can’t resolve in the 4 photos I’m working from (front, back and 2 sides) or outlying rocks that, for now, don’t seem a part of the temple proper.

Below is pictured the front of the temple with this numbering scheme.

Here’s some plans for perhaps re-creating the temple, then, in Pietmond…

Plan 1: The Dongoba Temple replica simply replaces the Pietmond Central Gallery, not really needed now since I have the Norris Gallery in Pietmond South, and also the option to keep around the Galactic Gallery for sure if needed.

In plan 2 below, the temple seems too dominant over all other Pietmond structures. SoSoWest would have to be sacrificed and probably other structures beside Pietmond Central. In plan 1, rocks could probably be held to under 10 meters long or wide, another advantage since I wouldn’t have to employ megaprims which are harder to work with and reshape.

There appears to be what could be called 10 foundation stones around the bottom of the temple, then at least 2 additional layers of rock stackings, at least according to the numbering scheme I’ve cooked up. A logical beginning for a theoretical Pietmond re-creation would be to position these 10 foundation rocks first.

I’ll have to also figure out what to do with the Pietmond Labyrinth currently atop Pietmond Central.


Additional thoughts:

It’s quite interesting to me that the top view of the newly established Norris Gallery resembles the top view of the Dongoba temple. A new theory is that this gallery represents the temple, and perhaps a smaller re-creation is in order to be placed outside the Norris Gallery somewhere (and not in the center of Pietmond).

Norris Gallery as the Dongoba Temple. Coolie. 🙂



Another resonance is to the structure of Howl’s Moving Castle, which may be quite important as well given that the Woods of Hawl are directly above Dongoba. Is the temple a way to channel this dark energy in a positive manner?

Hucka D.:

Carrcass+5. Tomorrow.


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