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Pull Out Plans December 3, 2011

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So I’m going to just begin plans to archive the entirety of Pietmond, including:

Blue Feather Gallery, final version (?)
Gallery in the Rocks (already done)
SoSo West (already done)
SoSo East (already done)
Norum (already done)
Cherry And/Or Berry (done)
Yippie TILE One On (kind of done)
TILE Tower/Baker Bloch in England (done)

It looks like I only have to complete the last (?) Blue Feather Gallery tour, the Galactic Gallery of course, and basically the whole town is archived, as it were.

New development is the norris Gallery, which will continue if I decide to severely downsize Pietmond but will be housed in SoSo West (which will become just SoSo in the downsizing). Decision is whether to keep all this around in Dec. or not.

Early stages of norris (gallery) development:

Another option would be to move the entire contents of the Galactic Gallery into the Norris Gallery and rename it, then create an entirely new (norris) gallery as a skybox. Or even on the approx. 1300 sq. meters I have in Pietmond South. Interesting options, perhaps.


Dec. 4th, 2011 Update:

Now have created a separate Norris Gallery on my Pietmond South Land. May be called either Norris or Pietmond South, then. Inside I’m setting up the Norris Stream related pictures, some examples seen above in this post already. More as it comes in.


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