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SoSo *Back* Gallery? November 29, 2011

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 8:58 am

Fantastic artwork from a talented child of an old friend.

As you can see from the “So So” on the side of the personalized bill here, its insertion around the side and back of the SoSo West gallery seemed destined or in the cards as they say.

Perhaps the centerpiece work, positioned right in front of Peter SoSo’s grave. Don’t have a clue, really, what this character is, but I like!

Christmas card to dad — awww!


2 Responses to “SoSo *Back* Gallery?”

  1. Catherine Alderman Says:

    Hooray for amazing, talented Grand Daughter and Anthony’s friend who did this with her work.

  2. Very nice of you to comment on my blog, CA! Your AA is a good egg for certain.

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