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Pietmond Updates November 27, 2011

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Lately I’ve been developing some new gallery ideas in Pietmond Heights, including the shifting of the Kenneth Rougeau exhibit to “Cherry And/Or Berry” gallery (same as Home Orange), and renaming the old Something To CHRO About formerly housing these works to “Yippie TILE One On.” The latter has been updated as the domain of wife Edna Million, with selections from her Ruins in the Woods exhibit found on floor 1 and also several photographs from Yards Mountain in Herman Park on floor 2, including her famous tryptich taken at the large meadow atop that mountain (as seen in various Temple of TILE incarnations for several years now).

The second, new development involves the renaming of the Pietmond South/Central Gallery to Norris (Norris Gallery), in honor of my new, “home” stream of the same name in Frank Park. Like Norris (Gallery) stands in the same place that the Temple of TILE use to occupy in Pietmond, so Norris has sort of replaced TILE Creek as the heart of RL mythology and explorations and philosophy for me personally, at least in a temporary fashion.

Since the Rougeau exhibit has been reestablished in Pietmond Heights (Cherry And/Or Berry), I deleted the same from the bottom floor of Norris Gallery. Instead we only have the Max Ernst educational exhibit on the first floor of same, with floors 2, 3 and 4 of the 4 tiered structure remaining empty for now. So a new, big question is: What art do I insert into Norris longterm?? A big question — for the future of Pietmond itself. Is it unfillable? (etc.)


Greenhead Mostly

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A Frank Park bridge not known about before…

… situated just upstream from the stick creation found earlier this month on the north side of Allen Knob.

Whitehead Crossing now: Is this open area near Green Branch destined to become a rock sculpture garden, in my own (larger?) version of a Dongoba-style complex? Time will tell.

Quite nearby is the famous or infamous Bee Hole of Greenhead, which Hucka Doobie claims toy humanoid Aunt Zoe, perhaps aided by accomplice Uncle Joe (or visa versa?), plugged after infiltrating the bee tribe and accessing their virtual bank in Chilbol(ton) through same. Are they, then, like the Bonnie and Clyde of toy avatardom? Did they likewise live in a Joplin Cube?

Hucka D.:

A what?

“Closeup of the bee hole. Doesn’t look plugged to me, but perhaps this is a new bee hole made after the original one had been sealed.”

Hucka D.:

That is correct, baker b. And what, pray tell, is a Joplin Cube? I’m asking more for the reader or readers here because I know better than you what it is.


Why don’t you answer the question yourself, Hucka D.? Not trying to be rude or anything, but just saying…

Hucka D. (distracted):

There’s Waxy!


The bird?

Hucka D.:

Right. The phoenix bird, more accurately. Foretells the rejuvenation of the Bee Hole and Greenhead itself; contact remade with Earth and Mammoth Cave, and also virtual reality through same, as you like to say. Arthur you know, also known sometimes as Aruthur. Another hunter, another robber of sorts, but in a good way this time. I think.


Sure looks like a bird, Hucka D. And this is right in front of the Bee Hole, in a tree just in front, I mean. Is it an actual sculpture? Or just an accidental appearance of a bird?

Hucka D.:

There are no accidents. It is a bird. Waxy. It fortells the rejuvenation of the bees as birds in a love fest involving flowers and trees and the moon up above. It fortells, well, me as becoming a bird, Allen the Purple Martin. So just me, really. Bee to Bird. Waxy.


And I’ve theorized this may be some kind of ship — found on the ridge just above Greenhead, the one separating it from Green Branch itself.

Hucka D.:

Yes, that is a Martin Ship. They can turn into birds as well… in fact…


Lemme guess: That’s where you got the idea.

Hucka D.: