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Thanksgiving Preparations November 23, 2011

Filed under: Blue Mountain (rl town),Toy Avatars — baker Blinker @ 9:11 am

Among the several things T-Bonz helps out with Thanksgiving Eve night is the sealing of plastic bags. That’s actually famed toy avatar actor Dirk Stew working there, but he’s in character. Crooked Car Clyde wheels around and around between his legs, laughing and beeping all the time. Dirk, sorry T-Bonz only resists squashing the little fellow for fear of heading to Toy Avatar Prison again. Concept artist Ruddy Nobb, 1/2 cousin to the premiumly famous Mmmmmmm Grassy Noll, is kicking around a deformed green marble nearby and shouting “Bread!! Bread!!!” — more irritation for T-Bonz.

I’m surprised Edna got any food preparation done at all this night.


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