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Toy Avatar Ideas/Extensions November 23, 2011

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Wedding Coordinator Map Rat knows Aunt Zoe, plugger of bee holes. Zoe has her own Camp. She knows of the Schwa (and the E). She studies, backwards and forwards. The Sunkland (very nearby) is created as a refuge for those ruined on Zoe’s Camp. She plays with minds. She is an Aker of hearts (creating fellow Akers) and also knows of the Complex Science of Akerage or Acreage. Green; she has a lot (6925? 37440?). She is like a Shark and his Flower Child.

Hucka Doobie’s father Kelley went to The Sunkland for refuge. Turned it into Second Life’s Sunklands with only minimal terraforming. Clever dude. Kelly was half man half bee. Kelley was original banker of Chilbo and funded village after Sunklands creation. Working backwards.

Ruined Camp = Plugged (Bee) Hole (of Greenhead). This Bee Hole was size of historic entrance to Mammoth Cave, and was on side of Allen Knob (Put a Turkey at her feet?). Uncle Joe and Aunt Zoe: married to each other. Or just called that because they were partners (in crime). Like Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Clyde (Crooked Car Clyde?) (Crook Clyde as in Imprisoned Clyde?). Yes, humans Uncle Joe and Aunt Zoe were criminals. Crinimals (if you’re also Animals). Not legitimate criminals, see, in Joe and Zoe eyes.

Arthur — human — knew of Bees. Lived around Mammoth Cave and Cub Run. Hunted but not for deer but for aliens. Sasquatch? (Mossmen?) Hucka D. came to visit him and his wife Lee. Hucka D. asked about the pictures of Mammoth Cave Park which were really of Frank Park (through 2 Allen Knobs which are 1 Allen Knob). Hucka D. donned the Purple Martin costume to help Arthur remember his Fisher King origins.

Map Rat marries Frank and Hermania (Park) at Gnirps or Spring Backwards. The couple later divorced at Fall Forwards (Fall). They Fell. Out of Eden? Genesis?

Uncle Joe does not appear in Carrcass-5 but a credit for his real life self does (Ed Buchanan).

Hermaphroditic Flower Child

Putting a Turkey at her feet?



>Relationship between the Jeogeot-Maebaleia Rabbit Hole and the bee hole connecting Greenhead, Frank Park with Mammoth Cave, Kentucky?

>Relationship between Cabron, Hucka Doobie’s father’s old place near Chilbo and connected to name Cub Run, and switch of Kelley (father) between Mammoth Cave location, perhaps Cub Run Cave itself, and Second Life/Sunklands. Camp Zoe/Aunt Zoe must be involved, and accomplice Uncle Joe, 2 humans from Humansville. Crooks?

>Think more of Cubus (or CUBUS), the “Bank” where Kelley worked or perhaps started/owned, and very near Cabron. Assoc. with Incubus? Cabron more toy like in appearance, or lego-like. Cabron is corruption of Cub Run.

> Hucka D. was also Kelley in some way, and *he* owned both Jeogeot and Maebaleia continents (and thus Rabbit Hole connecting the 2). He purposely gave energy of Crabwoo to Chilbo, saying it was “too much” and that you had to cut it off somewhere. Lemon Labs may have controlled Maebaleia originally, and Lime Labs (ie Linden Labs) Jeogeot. When Linden Labs moved into Maebaleia, the Rabbit Hole gradually became obsolete as teleport between specific points was allowed.

> Jeogeot and Maebaleia were separate projects from rest of Mainland highlighting Lemon and Lime Labs’ projects; designed like yin-yang (or e/schwa). Traces of this cooperation found in Eschwa Park, Chilbo. Continents designed like e and schwa but were actually one (Biggie and her calf Oliver?). Continents were 1 mile and 8 1/2 years apart, but 8 1/2 SL years equals 1 RL year. Gene Fade, for one, didn’t like this rapid aging in SL; one reason he left quickly after the siring of Karoz.

> Kelley bought the middle continents from Lemon and Lime Labs (1 for each continent) and created Lemon-Lime, or Lemon Lyman. Now related to the Ashville Arts District and Bit o’ Pietmond (later). Lemon acted at right angles with Lime. Resolved originally through move of Bakers to Azure Islands, along with incarnation of Charles Nelson Blinkerton as Hucka Doobie, Bee Person. Kept Hucka D. from aging?

> What is the relationship of all this with the ancient game of Trivia Ratsuit, played in Ancient Rome and then again in the 1970s to restart or reboot virtual reality?

> As “The Bank” Kelley (which may or may not be the same as Hucka D. or Hucka Doobie) is relatable to Square, Michigan, near Kentucky and encoded with his own death at hands of Peanut Cop with “bb/bullet” (Peewee).

> Hucka D. became his father through trapping his father in Big Sink through pie contest there. Highest became lowest and lowest became highest. Tin to Gold and Gold to Tin. 10. Perfection. Lo Hi.

> Lemon Labs formed in 2001-2002 on top of Hilo Peak (same as Longest Hope Mtn.?) Created by adding 11th to 10 (High Lonesome Pond), which became same as the cuing point or Cuing Pond. Top of mtn. removed, subterranean lab created like an underground spa.

> Chilbolton was a Lemon Labs project, not Linden (Lime) Labs. Residue: “Chilbo!” town signs. Chilbolton was secondary to Crabwoo at the “beginning” for certain. Chilbo and Chilbolton, England resonance assured and assumed (not Chilbo, Korea). Crop Circle connection — Carrcass-2. Cabron on outskirts of Chilbolton or Chilbol, not Chilbo. Cabron was heart of vast business (connected to CUBUS nearby) that owned both continents and Hole connecting the 2 (Jeogeot-Maebaleia Rabbit Hole).

> Norum was more influential than Chilbol in these days. Cabron perhaps more connected with Norum originally, until Chilbol became Chilbo as it continued to steal vital energy from Crabwoo (shrinking at same time). An agreement was made that Lemon Labs would be absorbed/dissolved into Lime Labs or Linden Labs in this 1 year gap.

> Cubus was also in charge of creating the fuchsia diamond supposedly stolen by Karoz and thrown into the Korean Channel during his youthful days (as rebellious Aqua Teen and beyond Sapphire’s precious Aquamarine).

> Chilbo was Chilbolton until 2001, then Chilbol (Lemon Lab control) until 2006 or so. Crabwoo was Crabwoo from 2001-2006. Norum became Noru in 2006 or so. Crabwoo originally Crabwood (until 2001). Crabwoo town limits and spanning 2 sims originally modeled from 2 square Crabwood crop circle.

> Bee-Bird Wax: Refers to SL Beehives created by Hucka Doobie (original Beehive, b_hivia, Temple of TILE, Ubertemple, Biggie). Also refers to Hucka Doobie donning Allen the Purple Martin costume and existing somehow on Allen Knob in Frank Park (put another turkey at her feet). 2 in 1. Foreign One. As such he created Lemon Lab in Norris Heights, which is somehow same as Lemon Lab on Longest Hope Mtn. in same county — satellite version?

> Green Way is stream connecting Mammoth Cave/Cub Run to Head of Green and Greenhead, where duplicate of Mammoth Cave entrance (of sorts) is seen in Great Bee Hole of Greenhead. Mammoth Cave is exactly 1/2way down Green River from head (near Allen Knob) to mouth. (Ohio River). Green Way. “Following the Green Way” means following the portal from Mammoth Cave/ Cub Run to Greenhead on Allen Knob, Frank Park. Allen Knob must become both man and wo-man in the process. Hermaphroditic.

“Fell a victim.”


Thanksgiving Preparations

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Among the several things T-Bonz helps out with Thanksgiving Eve night is the sealing of plastic bags. That’s actually famed toy avatar actor Dirk Stew working there, but he’s in character. Crooked Car Clyde wheels around and around between his legs, laughing and beeping all the time. Dirk, sorry T-Bonz only resists squashing the little fellow for fear of heading to Toy Avatar Prison again. Concept artist Ruddy Nobb, 1/2 cousin to the premiumly famous Mmmmmmm Grassy Noll, is kicking around a deformed green marble nearby and shouting “Bread!! Bread!!!” — more irritation for T-Bonz.

I’m surprised Edna got any food preparation done at all this night.


Pietmond Sunrise

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The Sunkland/Big Sink

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“What would get Baker B.’s attention in Second Life and keep him there for a while. I know: a Sunklands!”

Hucka D.:

And that’s how it started. It’s going back home.


Camp Zoe (very nearby):

Big Ink Event