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The 2 Allen Knobs and Green Branch/Green River November 21, 2011

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Pictured below are maps containing the only 2 official Allen Knobs of these here United States, one in our Frank Park and the other projecting from the far away bluegrass fields of Kentucky. Are they one and the same? No and yes, thanks to the presence of a prominently displayed Green Stream near each (Green Branch and Green River respectively). On the first Allen Knob map, we also have marked the positions of the 1 blue and 2 red/pink balloons mentioned in a post just below, the blue in Whitehead Crossing and the red/pinks at the Head of NORRIS, aka Dongoba (famous for the Dongoba rock temples, of course).

There is a battle shaping up for control of future rock temples/land art between Dongoba and Whitehead Crossing. Who will win? My personal guess is that there will be no losers in this contest. It’s all just meaningful nonsense in a box canyon, thanks to that Roostre fellow/dude.

But I did just figure out the origin of the haunted nature of the Woods of Hawl directly between the two Allen Knob locations. I believe a battle took place there or will take place. The Battle of Allen Knob. Or not. Or maybe Allen the Purple Martin made the whole thing up for sheer entertainment and fun.


Green River basin, Kentucky. Allen Knob is near the head of this river, and probably represents the head itself: Greenhead or Head of Green

Edmondson County in center of river course*

Mammoth Cave, Edmondson County: historic entrance


* From the Wikipedia article on Green River (Kentucky): “The Green River is a 384-mile-long (618 km)[2] tributary of the Ohio River that rises in Lincoln County in south-central Kentucky…. The Green River flows through Mammoth Cave National Park, located along river miles 190 to 205.”


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