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Whitehead X-ing Revisited November 21, 2011

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Spring beside Whitehead Brook where one can get pure water, I suppose. No cow pastures on this mountain that I know of (Allen Knob). The pipe is in the middle of nowhere, and hidden in a rhododendron cluster, so I doubt many people know of its existence, if, really, any. Did this provide the water for a former house or cottage in the vicinity? My uneducated guess would be yes…

… because in the areas just below, still beside Whitehead Brook, is more evidence of former habitation, include pots, bottles, and suspiciously cleared spaces.

Is this rock stacking just below the pipe another creation of Michael Too? Or does it predate him in this case?

Rocks that the above stacking is found on, covered/hidden by rhododendron limbs. The most suspicious looking open area is pictured in the foreground; is this where some kind of living quarters existed at one time?

Same, small open area: another rock stacking beside a stick stuck in the ground.*

Nice conifer tree a bit further downstread that I haven’t noticed before.

Torn blue balloon also found in the area. It looks like another birthday balloon to complement the 2 pink ones found in Dongoba just across the ridge from here. Blue and pink/red — I think it could represent opposite polarities of Allen Knob itself in some way, and Hucka D. seems to agree if I’m understanding him correctly.

Curiously, another blue object was found on the other side of the Whitehead Crossing region, this time a shard of blue glass alongside a bank of Red Creek, near where Whitehead Brook empties into it. Lots of colors mentioned in that last sentence as I look at it. 🙂

And, speaking of colors, of course while I was at Whitehead Crossing I had to visit Grey Rock, which consists a large rock stacked on top of a larger rock, essentially. This time, because of the weight of the smaller rock, there is no possible chance of a man-made stacking here in my opinion.

As I provided a map of NORRIS before, now I want to do the same for perhaps its direct complement of Whitehead Crossing. A much different area, with more open room. It could be I build my own, projected rock art or land art here instead of NORRIS. After all, Hucka D. also says I am the same as this namesake Whitehead in past/present/future terms.


* In a previous B.B. Blog post, this particular stacking was called a possible marker for a humanoid toy avatar grave site, perhaps the grave of even the first humanoid toy. Is this Herman, the direct ancestor of Dirk Stew of Salad Bar Jack movie series fame? Was he a Rocky or Rambo as well? Was he subsequently called Rocky because of the rocks stacked on his grave (for those who only knew him as legend)? Any relationship to fellow human toy avatar Lisa the Vegetarian, likewise interred?


2 Responses to “Whitehead X-ing Revisited”

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