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Pietmond Updates November 17, 2011

I briefly contemplated buying about 1600-2000 sq meters of land in southern Nautilus (continent), but with the enlargement of Pietmond that’s probably not a legitimate option now. I especially liked bicycling, through Baker Bloch, what’s called Route 13, a red brick affair several miles long and following pleasantly rolling hills and vales. Below finds Baker at the southern end of the route, before the bricks begin.

Another option that’s out the window in terms of virtual living quarters is the Blackmount sink, but I decided to include a picture of it here anyway because of the nifty Rabbit Hole silhouette in the background. Can you see it?

Now to restructured Pietmond: the largest building, the Temple of TILE, has been knocked down and replaced by the Pietmond South Gallery once occupying, true to its name, a more southern portion of classic Pietmond last winter/spring. Now it’s dead center in the community. The only art within so far is that of Kenneth Rougeau, as before (bottom floor), and also some additional artwork/collages by famed German surrealist Max Ernst, a personal favorite.

Quadtowers of TILE, or just TILE Towers, has been reinserted in its position from last month in the community, with much better views from the top now that the almost equally high Temple of TILE has been deleted. Still within: “Baker Bloch in England”. Come visit!

Pietmond from nearby Route 10.

Opening between the Home o’ Fibs and the Pietmond South Gallery, with Rougeau pictures dead ahead. In other words, the two formerly separate structures are now directly linked together — share a common wall.

Norum Gallery (Sadler exhibit) has also returned on the southern edge of town.

A brand new stretch of walkway in town beside the newly inserted Blue Feather Gallery. I’m still working on this project, but basically it involves moving all the art and maps from the version of the Blue Feather just deleted (existing directly underneath the similarly deleted Temple of TILE) to this location. I thought the rail was needed because of the steep drop to Baker’s left here.

Views of Pietmond from in front of the Blue Feather Gallery.

Oh, and the Norum Heights plaza and attached buildings have returned as well. It’s probably easier to state what *hasn’t* changed in Pietmond in the last 36 hours. For sure. But the biggest change is the replacement of the Temple of TILE with the Pietmond South Gallery at Pietmond’s epicenter, the bottom of the sinkhole.

And no labyrinth now. 😦

Or is there??


2 Responses to “Pietmond Updates”

  1. June Trefoil Says:

    Even though you wrote that you’d have this land into December, I figured I’d visit now.
    As usual, I like the way you use the land – always an interesting lookout from one of the buildings, steps leading up and down so it doesn’t matter where you start (I just start someplace) because it all joins, lots of good topography, and stuff to touch and explore.
    This visit, I really liked the Galactic Gallery and spent the most time there. The layout was wonderful and I thought showed all the artworks to good advantage.
    Thanks bb!

  2. That’s very nice (as usual) for you to visit one of my little towns, June (!) Thanks as well for the donation — very kind. Glad you liked the Galactic Gallery and Kollage Kid’s work. It was fun to set up. Happy Holidays!

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