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Toy Avatar Notes… (WORK IN PROGRESS) November 15, 2011

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Masters (SEE ALSO: Toy Makers):

Old Whitehead (details unk.) –same as Baker Breton?
Baker Breton? (aka Baker Beech)
Edna Breton?


Cat #1 (Queen)
Cat #2 (Prince)
Cat #3 (Princess)
Cat #4 (Norris the Non-Cat)

See also: Other-Cats, Dogs, Raccoons, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Possums, Snakes, Lizards, Hummingbirds/Birds, Bees/Hornets, Flies, Gnats (enemy), Deer, Bear, Wildcat, Horses, Ducks (Adventure Duck!), Ants, Cows.

Norris is the only animal on this list that is not an animal.

Idea: Cows make Ants, Ants make Pigs, Pigs make Cows

SEE ALSO: Quadrobeavs (Drink Lake)


Toy Avatar, Humans:

Dirk Stew (aka T-Bonz), perhaps from Rambo Mtn. or Whitehead Crossing. defining quality: arrogance
Lisa the Vegetarian (deceased?). defining quality: sweetness, bit of snobbery, money money money
Marty/ The 3 Beetles. defining quality: knows he is best, aloof
Soldiers/Cowboys/Spacemen/Indians. defining quality: part of the herd

Waldo (deceased?)
Cpt. Crunch (deceased?)
Tom “The Screamer” Benerson (deceased?)

Toy Avatars, Mossmen (Humanoid):

Gene Fade (aka Mossman) defining quality: smarts, age/wisdom, strength, appetite
Darker Mossman (name unk.)

Toy Avatars, Mmmmmmm’s (semi-humanoid):

Grassy Noll (aka Salad Bar Jack) (green). defining qualities: arrogance, naivety, double jointedness
Gypsy Purse (orange?) defining quality: bitchiness
Cherry and/or Berry (red) defining quality: sheer stupidity
King Bill (orange) defining quality: royalty
Verdy (green) defining quality: spoiled brat
Frank and Hermania Einstein (giant red and giant green respectively)

Toy Avatars, Bees:

Hucka Doobie (Bee) defining qualities: seer/psychic. Can see equally as well into past, present, and future, bit of arrogance, bit of sweetness, bit of know-it-all understandably, well-intentioned, once was human (NM artist Charles Nelson Blinkerton). Married to: Hurla Dontbee (SL semi-avatar; ????-????), NORRIS (stream; 2011-2011).

Toy Avatars, Others:

Huckleberry Hound
Horses (quantity unk.)
Map Rat (Wedding Coordinator)


Rhododendrons (mainly friend). defining qualities: protectors, irritators, demi-gods of the mtns.
Living Trees (FORESTS) qualities: rulers of the forest
— SEE ALSO: First Tree/First Goodmobile
Dead Trees/Sticks/Leaves
— Sticks, Stacked/Woven
Bushes (subservient to trees)
Poison Ivy (enemy) qualities: bad to the bone


Toy Avatars, Marbles (polished rocks):

Big Blue Eye (deceased?) qualities: ruler of Marbles
Bob Underston (deceased?) qualities: mentor to Big Blue Eye
Sam Grayson (deceased?)
Ed Edwardston (deceased?)
Burt Henredon (deceased?)
Big White Solid (deceased?)
Many Others Unnamed

Rocks (unpolished/untreated)
— Rock Temples (like Dongoba)/Stacked Rocks
— Mortared Rocks

Steel/Metal (Rods, Sheets, etc.)


Toy Avatars, Batteries (quasi-living) — from Camera mainly.
qualities: can appear from the 4th dimension at any time

String (unk.) related: Sticks, Cords.
qualities: 1 dimensional, no make that 2 dimensional

Goodmobiles (non-living?)
qualities: means of transport for the Mmmmmmm’s but not created by them
— SEE ALSO: First Goodmobile/First Tree

Cars (quasi-living)

Train Track (non-living most likely) SEE ALSO: Strings
qualities: means of transport for Marbles


Games (Dice/Cards/Boards/Pieces)


Streams (SEE: NORRIS, Yards Ck., etc.) qualities: transport, gentle noise, wetness
Lakes/Ponds (SEE: Drink Lake, etc.) qualities: calmness, wetness
Islands. qualities: aloofness
Dams (SEE: Drink Lake Dam, etc.). qualities: foul mouths (SEE: Foul Mouthed Basses)
Gorges. qualities: snobbery, self-enclosed


Sun/Stars. qualities: sources of all energy, selflessness
Moon (reflection). qualities: vanity


Shadow. qualities: plain out spookiness
Blackholes (SEE: Allen Knob Blackholes; Woods of Hawl)


Blog Spirits

Hucka Doobie or Hucka D. (see above)
Marty (see above)
Pietmond/Petemond (town)
Greenup/Yellow Down (island?)
NORRIS (stream; non-cat)
Smithy (deceased person?)
Grassy Noll (see above)
Hucka D. II or Hucka II
Grassy II
Porter (Chester’s brother?)
Peter the Good

SL Avatars:

Baker Bloch
Baker Blinker
Hucka Doobie
Edna Blinker
Karoz Blogger
Bracket Jupiter
Wilsonia Foxclaw
Esbum Michigan (deceased)