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Norris Area Again, 02 November 13, 2011

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Soon I reach a brand new discovery in the ascent: a rock ledge marking the southern end of the top of this ridge, or what Hucka Doobie is suggesting I call Norris Heights, where he said Lemon Lab was set up originally (whatever that actually means). The relationship to Hilo Peak’s Lemon Lab from early in the blog is still unknown. Hucka Doobie is also claiming he is/was/will be Allen the Purple Martin, namesake of Allen Knob and half bee/half bird. Something. He waxes very poetically about it at any rate. Allen The Purple Martin and Hucka Doobie The Yellow Bee meet halfway at Norris Heights, supposedly. More details soon enough.

Fallen rhodo leaves below the rock ledge forming a kind of weave.

Dancing, wiggling bushes at the heart of Norris Heights. Looks like quite a party.

One of the infamous black holes of Allen Knob, this one *lodged* in a tree. We’re quite high on the mountain now, well above Norris Heights.

One tree hugging another tree, supplying new meaning to the phrase “tree hugger” for sure.

Large Rocks positioned between the Woods of Hawl below and Allen Knob above.

Details of the top of one of the rocks, a microcosm unto itself.

Tree at very tip top of Allen Knob. The Allen Tree, then. “T.” equals “Tree”?

But that wasn’t all this day: I found an otherwise non-functional structure made of sticks on the opposite side of Allen Knob from the Woods of Hawl. Gives no protection from rain — must be “art”. Michael Too’s handiwork again? Could be; will study up more later and get back to ya guys on this subject. Another quite exciting find (!)


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