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Here November 13, 2011

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Explored more of NORRIS today. Lots of nooks/crannies/corners I didn’t see before. Will attempt to take pictures tomorrow.

Was wondering about the Norris Rock and about how there may be two instead of one. Examined the main one we’re calling that name today — it really looks like a worn headstone from an old graveyard. But upon closer inspection it actually appears to be a naturally occurring rock in that particular spot.

The other rock that may also be termed Norris is just behind it, right above the creek itself. I took a better look at that one today as well — had to lean over another rock directly in front of it for the better view. I’ll try to take another picture today — it is flat on one side, and plated in white quartz on that particular side as well, although much of it is also covered with some sort of moss.

NORRIS (stream spirit) indicated to me in a recent blog post that the Norris Rock is connected with the triangle Sun-Lake-Forest, also add in Bush as another (4th?) category. What I originally thought was a bush pictured here is actually a tree standing in the middle of The Freedom Path, immediately beside the Norris Rock. But there is a rather sprawling rhododendron bush right behind this rock — maybe that’s what is being referred to here instead. Is it the Sun Bush? The Lake Bush? (and a logical third: The Forest Bush?) Is it some kind of Burning Bush, perhaps connected more with the Sun Bush aspect? What is going on with that particular rock??

As NORRIS flows beside a path that is a part of a network of trails, it can be approached from several different angles. Today I took one of the longer routes to the stream, passing a number of people in the process (including a neighbor couple who I didn’t even recognize until they were past me!). Beautiful meadows along the way, and I also skirted the strange Square Forest mentioned very early in this blog. In fact, I also visited the 3rd Portal of the Spoon Fork Portal System (Spoon Fork originally called RIVER on the B.B. Blog), also discussed very early in blog history (2008) but then seldom mentioned afterwards. The main post about the latter subject is here:

In fact I also went to the second, percieved portal of this system yesterday as well — I mentioned getting lost that day, and it was directly up the hill from this portal where the confusion began. Right at the portal identified in this post…

… I found a very wet and shivering squirrel who appeared to have fallen into the river and was in some kind of shock state — couldn’t move away from me and just sat perched on a ledge above the old campfire spot (the “portal”). Of course we can make this into a story, like: He came through the portal from another location on the river and got wet in the process. But I did certainly take note of the odd condition of the squirrel and at that particular place of all spots. Again, I couldn’t take a picture because I had forgotten to plug a memory card into my camera that day before leaving the house.

The 2nd Spoon Fork portal, where I saw the wet squirrel.


I need to think more about this portal system and the strange alignments I uncovered in 2008. Second Life is losing or has lost its grip on me. Time for a more or less full return to reality reality, although I’ll certainly still play around in SL. Just not with the intensity of before, and with all the attached net of synchronicities. A lot of it is just the plain out de-energizing of mainland living, period. Whatever is left is too loosely connected to make any kind of whole now, although I think the potential was once there, perhaps several years ago. My belief is that it will slowly fade away, just like Azure Islands and just like Otherland before it. In several years it could be no more, with Jeogeot just a memory.

So… what up with this portal system??


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