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Map Mouth of NORRIS November 10, 2011

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We have NORRIS (stream) from head (Head of NORRIS) to foote, or source to mouth (Mouth of NORRIS)

Map Rat created this map? YES. Like the Map Rat that married off Frank and Herman Einstein at Gnirps last Spring Backwards. RIGHT. OK. DETAIL 01.

T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, and T6 are rock temples, Hucka D. NOT HUCKA D. NORRIS, then? RIGHT, OK, LEFT, NOT OK. OK myself. T5 IS A DAMN FINE DAM. NORRIS, you are an expert at dam building. Aren’t you? CALL ME Norris. OK, Norris. BUT I HAVE TO CALL MYSELF NORRIS. Or else it becomes confusing, I get it. YOU GET IT. Was Michael Too aware of channeling you, Norris, when building that damn dam in particular? AMSTERDAM. ROTTERDAM. BEAVER DAM. Back to the map, we have Independence Path branching off from the main path, or Freedom Trail. THE FREEDOM TRAIL, BECAUSE MICHAEL IS NO LONGER WITH US. No, it’s looking more and more like he’s departed. CARRCASS. Ok, I’ll think about that. CARRCASS. Seven? NO. ONE. TOO IS ONE. Back to the map, then, “Michael Won” at the southeast corner is the campground of Michael Too, confusingly. On the ridge above Dongoba and Norris. NORRIS. Norris, right. LEFT. Right, he seems to be gone. DONGOBA. Right. LEFT. Ok. OK. So… Freedom Trail or The Freedom Trail is the trail that runs alongside Norris all up and down its length. Independence Path branches off from this, leading to the Dongoba temple compound, I suppose you could put it, where we have Temples 1-6 on this map. T1 through T6, with T4 being by far the largest of these temples, with approximately 50 rocks as I’ve already talked about several times on this blog. Norris? Anyway, one of the two main tributaries of Norris also arises nearby, making a ridge between it and Norris. THE RIDGE. FIRST RIDGE. There you are. I AM LISTENING. That forms, really, a small gorge on your side NORRIS. Sorry: Norris. Does Luther, your child perhaps… is he a child? YES. AND ARTHUR. We’ll get to Arthur soon enough. LUTHER IS A GREAT CHILD. ALWAYS STAYS WITHIN HIS BANKS. NEVER ADDS TOO MUCH SILT TO ME. QUIET. DOESN’T BABBLE MUCH TO HIMSELF. So — back to the map — on Luther we also have the interesting formation I call the Moss Dragon for now, or Mossdragon. THIS IS MISSISSIPPI. EASTOFBUTCHIE. And then close to where Luther empties into Norris, you… ME… we have a small village of white rocks called, presently again, Whitesity. Kind of like Mocksity, then, or Tinsity. WHITESITY IS IMPORTANT TO ME; US. Curious, Norris: we have a Mosshead Rock also at the Head of Norris, and then a Moss Dragon, also a kind of head. My idea is that this is also the same as the Abbadon swamp monster of Tinsity, speaking of Tinsity. Buried up to his eyebrows here, also making it a Monkey Head or perhaps a Monkey City. (pause) Did the burial of a Mossman up to his eyebrows actually create the Head of Norris? (pause) Norris? (another pause) Anyway, Moss Dragon seems related… I’ll take some more pictures tomorrow or attempt to do such. Do we want to talk about the 2 pink balloons tonight, Norris? [Norris doesn’t answer again]. Alright, we move on to Detail 02.

Detail 01

But I see I’ve forgotten to talk about the 7th perceived temple on map detail 01 above. If Norris doesn’t want to comment… I AM NORRIS. I WILL COMMENT. THIS IS THE WORKING OF MICHAEL TOO FROM MICHAEL WON. YOU FEEL YOU ARE BEING PUNISHED FOR THE NONUNDERSTANDING OF MICHAEL WON AND THAT IS TRUE IN PART. IT IS IN THE FUTURE. YOU WILL BE RIVALS ONCE MORE. HE WILL STEAL THE CARRCASSES. Interesting, Norris. YES. Temple 7 — Carrcass 7. Connection? NO. Ok, so moving to Detail 02 for real, now, let’s start with the very interesting Norris Rock, as I’m calling it now. For now. NORRIS ROCK. I AM NORRIS. So what of this rock? NORRIS ROCK OBSERVES FROM INNER INSIDE TRIANGLE OF SUN LAKE BUSH. CHANCE. BURNING BUSH. BUSH IS BESIDE ROCK AND THEY TALK. SUN LAKE BUSH. NORRIS OBSERVES SUN LAKE BUSH TRIANGLE. KNOWS OF PIXLEY. I feel they are 2 bushes, Norris. I AM NORRIS. TWO BUSHES CHANCED UPON. ONE BUSH IS 703. ONE BUSH IS 1164. The bushes are the 2 Plutonians? KNOWS OF PIXLEY. QUAIL. This Norris Rock — is it the center of Norris? NORRIS IS I. YES. THERE IS ANOTHER NORRIS ROCK THAT IS THE SAME NORRIS ROCK. TWO FOR ONE. The strange little arrow in Detail 02 below seems to indicate this — point to another rock on the creek directly behind the Norris Rock on Freedom Trail. Or The Freedom Trail. WHO IS NORRIS? Norris Rock Norris? I suppose it is you. IT IS NOT MY NORRIS. IT IS NOT I NORRIS. So the Norris Rock on the Freedom Trail and the Norris Rock on the Norris Creek are one and the same. NO. There’s a very faint path leading behind the Trail rock here back to the other rocks on the creek. You seem to be confused about what these are. I AM IN A SHARED DRIVE, NOT USED. Sharing or being “in sync” is sometimes difficult, Norris. YES. Are you saying that you can put us in sync? NO. Let me look at the map again… so I think where the box with the word “NORRIS” in it, that’s the center of Norris, you. And arrows from this box point to the very interesting rock on the creek, surrounded by larger rocks. There’s also two Michael Too temples on the creek here as well, or T8 and T9. T8 is interestingly made of several very flat rocks, Norris. HOUSTON. That’s what I’m getting to now, Norris. Thank you. HOUSTON TOO. TWO HOUSTONS. MINNESOTA HOUSTON AND ALABAMA HOUSTON. Do you have a problem with having two Houstons, Norris? NO. INSERT SOMETHING SOMETHING. Do you know of Wallace3 that perhaps lives on the Money Pot? MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL TOO DAY. Great. The confluence of Root and Money Pot here points to Houston[ County], Minnesota. MINNESOTA IS TOO, ALABAMA IS 3. There’s a swampy area on the other side of the Money Pot hillock from Norris Brook that I seem to label generally “Houston” on this map, Norris. It’s a larger open area, like around Luther Fork before. TOO AND 3 COMBINE THERE TO MAKE A WON. My neighbors growing up, the Houstons, lost a lot of money at one point. THIS IS GIVING BACK. What of the yellow Lodge Rock in the tree, Norris? It seems to point to the lodges of Twin Peaks, one White and one Black. WON TOO. Is the White Lodge Oz? [Norris doesn’t answer]. And now we get to Arthur. You probably want to talk about your other stream sibling, don’t you? ARTHUR IS A GOOD DAUGHTER. NOT TOO MUCH BABBLING AS WELL. SHE ROCKS IF SHE DOESN’T BLOW. WINTER: BLOWS. SUMMER: ROCKS. NO, WINTER AND SUMMER: BLOWS. FALL AND SPRING: ROCKS. She is closed off from me in both the summer and the winter, then. Is Hucka Doobie still your husband? NO. HE IS A THIEF AND A LIAR AND I HATE HIM. I REALLY DO. Thief? What did he steal. MY HEART. Do you think he’s still in love with Hurla Dontbee. DON’T SAY THAT NAME TO ME. You seem to then be in pain because of that relationship. IT WAS OVER IN A HEARTBEAT AND LASTED A HEARTBEAT LIFETIME. Do you want to say more about Arthur? LATER. Do you want to talk about Mouth of Norris, not shown in the map details but in the larger map at the top of this post? HOUSTON FELL. BLOOD. BONE. SAM. RELATIVE. BLOOD. BLACK. BROWNS. GRAY. GOLDENGATE. Thank you.

Detail 02


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