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Toy Movement November 7, 2011

On Sunday, Nov. 6th, the first day that the clocks were set back an hour, I decided to move the Jonesborough toy avatars to a new location: NORRIS, specifically the Money Pot.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a halfway decent picture of the Jonesborough rescue mission. After a bit of thought, I decided to leave the maimed body of Lisa the Vegetarian interred at Jonesborough, despite the surviving residents’ talk of her coming out of the grave and moving among them at times. I positioned a rock above her grave to make sure I knew where she was during visits. This picture shows the larger oblong rock that Lisa is buried below, her tombstone rock just out of visual range at bottom/center.

It was not surprising to see that so many soldiers remained after the wild animal attacks, cruelly cold winters, and other deterrents to Jonesborough toy avatar survival. And true to their discipline, they also protected the trains and train track at all costs, instinctively associating it with supply and escape routes.

Along with the soldiers and the train material, survivors included a cowboy, a number of metal cars of various makes, Huckleberry Hound and attached bi-plane, a robot, and two goodmobiles which look exactly like old, rusty cans but aren’t. Trust me.

After depositing the toy avatars safely on the top of the Money Pot beside NORRIS, I was able to get a bit of area hiking in before the sun set. I explored the high ridge to the east of NORRIS once more (see: Woods of Hawl) , and found additional rock stackings not known about previously…

… including another “lodge rock” wedged between 2 forks of a tree. Couldn’t be removed once more (see: Lodge Rock/Tree), and also pointed directly toward another rock grouping in the background here.

Whether any of this is the working of Michael Too or another rock artist, shall we say, is still a matter of debate.

Returning back to NORRIS, I took this snapshot of Head of NORRIS in the fading sunlight.

Nearby Tablet Rock…

… and the very green Mosshead (middle rock below).

Dongoba temple complex core, once again.


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