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Pietmond Lives? 06 (For Now, Yes!) November 7, 2011

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Yes, it appears that Piemond will live for at least one more month. Even in the 12 or so hrs. since I took the picture below, this “survival” status has been upgraded a notch or two further.

What’s now in Pietmond:

Blue Feather Gallery — directly underneath the Temple of TILE and featuring an even somewhat further condensed “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit, already compacted twice from its original incarnation in August 2009/Noru.

Something To CHRO About — I decided to make the bottom floor of Home Orange the portal to the Kenneth Rougeau pictures, and keep the 2nd floor as my Pietmond office. As before in Pietmond (and Teepot), most of Kenneth’s displayed art exists on the asteriod directly above.

Temple of TILE — Hucka D. and I have been debating lately whether the art/photos within this structure, mainly coming from RL wife Edna Million, are now too obsolete or irrelevant to exhibit since the energy of TILE Creek has mainly shifted over to NORRIS (and making TILE Creek, once again, the more mundane Yds Creek). For now, I’ve decided that the temple will stay, pending more analysis of the NORRIS-TILE relationship. And certainly the overall concept of TILE is still pertinent notwithstanding the hierarchy of streams involved.

SoSo West — same as before, with syncher friend Mike Casey’s art.

SoSo East — same as before, with my Oblong collage series within, and a portal to the Edwardston Station Gallery still existing inside another Sunklands sink.

Gallery in the Rocks — same as before, with Stegokitty’s art (another old syncher friend).

GALACTIC Gallery — soon to open as well, with Melodie Darwin’s SL and Jeogeot related photos on the lower floors and Kollage Kid’s quintessential collage efforts on the upper floors.

AND… amazingly I still have oodles and oodles of prims to play around with for further skybox experiments. How exciting!*

Pietmond from the entrance to SoSo West

Preview of the Galactic Gallery opening: New Pietmond Art Room.

One of the many Kollage Kid collages within, this one called “Freudsters.”

Galactic Gallery, a fourth of a mile due north of Ground Pietmond.


* Also added in the day since this post was originally created: TILE Towers with the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit on the west end of town.


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