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Pietmond Lives? October 31, 2011

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In the coming week I must justify the continued existence of Pietmond within Second Life or give it all up.


Galactic Gallery: New gallery featuring 2 artists, neither of whom I have been able to contact or have the ability to contact. Probably no interest in this within SL itself. I can save gallery; can set it up on a 4096 easily, with prims left over for ground stuff and also another skybox — in checking right now, wow, only 266 prims used in the structure, including all the art I’ve set up already. So that would leave 671 prims for ground stuff and another skybox. Great; that’s a pretty good option (reducing from what I have now to a 4096 rental). It has to be a square 4096 for the gallery to fit on it, though.

Gallery Jack: I luv the feuding Newton and Jasper statues atop the Jasper County, IL map, but I can give this up since I have the Edwardston Station Gallery still in Blackmount with all of these collages already set up. Expendable.

Temple of TILE: This would be hard to give up, now I have the labyrinth just right, it seems. But I can set the labyrinth up elsewhere. Expendable.

Gallery in the Rocks/SoSo West: I’m lumping these together since both are art galleries I’ve set up for fellow SLers who have little or no input within SL for me (just RL correspondence). I’d like to keep these but they are certainly expendable. Expendable.

Norum Gallery/ Something to CHRO About: Expendable.

TILE Quadtower: This is, as I see it now, the permanent home for the Baker Bloch in England exhibit. However, since I have this online I see no reason that it has to stay virtual, and I’ve received absolutely no feedback inworld on this one; I don’t think people get it or they don’t care or there’s not enough time to really absorb it — something. Expendable

Another option on this one is to refit the TILE Quadtower with the Blue Feather Gallery (see just below), which is not deleted from a virtual location. Question: is the Jeogeot through Art and Word exhibit that represents the perm. BFG exhibit still pertinent? Given that most Jeogeot locations featured therein have degenerated or disappeared in the last year or so.

Blue Feather Gallery: See above. Expendable?

What’s left? Just houses (Home Orange, House of Truth, Home o’ Fibs, House Greenup), all of which are expendable, along with SoSo East (housing Oblong series of 10×10 already set up in its entirety in Blackmount, as stated before).

Pietmond Town Hall
Castle in the Rocks
Pietmond Coffee Shop
Piepodt Tower
Rookwood Cottage
Tilting Gazebo

All expendable.

If I rented a 4096, I could set up, if desired, the newest gallery (Galactic) and like I said have many prims left over for ground/2nd skybox. Just Home o’ Fibs on ground.

I could use money for CDs. Don’t rent for 1 month (November). Begin in Dec., or just buy back Pietmond land if desperate. Teepot still a (second) option. Also possibility of Noru still (?) But just those 3. (other distant options: Malyshkin, Asha, Rubi, Monema/Pond District, Foxboro, Yd Island)