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NORRIS, 02 October 26, 2011

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Stype Tree marking the traditional epicenter of the Stype community.

Directly in front of this tree, with an isolated cluster of rhododendron between them, appears the Stype Rock (name may change) within Turnpike Creek, next to the Mouth of NORRIS. I’ll attempt to get a better picture soon, but I’ll have to wade a bit in Turnpike Creek to make it. Unusual seeming rock; does it perhaps tell, through its surface, orange-y hieroglyphs, the complete story of the now super-sacred stream whose mouth it lies next to? Is it The Voice of NORRIS??

Come to think of it, I believe I rename that rock right now as The Voice, because I’m so sure I’m on to something here.

Mouth of NORRIS directly beside The Voice rock or Voice Rock.

Stone strewn island just in front of Mouth of NORRIS. Voice Rock/The Voice would be directly behind this island, hidden by a rhododendron branch. I believe I’ll call this Communication Island, with an alternate name of Battery. But that could switch as well (Alphland? Betland?)

Stone stacking within the Stype city limits, but obviously not of Michael Too’s design for a change. Not sure what its function is, though. Too short for a wall… have to think about that more as well, perhaps.

Another Stype shot. The community is marked by longitudinal gulleys or brook valleys divided by rolling ridges.

Moving into the NORRIS valley now, the land around the creek is rather easily separated into clear spaces such as the one pictured below, and the more inaccessible regions most often congested with rhododendron. ASAP, I’m going to make a map of each clear space on the creek all the way up to the source, which number perhaps 6 or 7.

Rock firmly wedged between a forking tree trunk. Not sure if this is the work of Michael Too. More on all of this soon enough, but I found it interesting today to find I could not pull the rock out from between this fork — it seems to have been there quite a long time, and the tree appears to have grown a bit since the lodging.

Nearby is an overturned rhododendron plant on the shore of NORRIS…

… with 4 strategically placed stones at the base. This most likely is a Michael Too production. The rocks seem to point to the mouth of a tributary of NORRIS just across the stream, perhaps its largest one.

NORRIS seems chocked full of mysteries, although its hard to convey in pictures. Like the waterfall shot below, suddenly appearing after a long stretch of creek flatness and seemingly having its own story to tell. I can just feel it.

Unusual “root bridge” spanning NORRIS in the same open area, and on one side of a quite unusual mound right next to the creek here. I suppose I’ll call it Root Bridge, then. The mound? Maybe Money Pot — is hidden treasure buried within? Something seems to be, at least. But, again, I found it hard to take a picture of the mound this day. Maps are coming soon, though.

And as I stated in my last NORRIS related post, there are little rock pilings appearing here and there all along NORRIS from mouth to source, including one or two near this mound, if memory serves.

Strange mushroom found in the vicinity. Alien in origin?


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