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Pietmond Grows A Bit Again… October 24, 2011

Filed under: Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 4:06 am

Additional of Gallery Jack (most of my “Art 10×10” within) is the big news. Also in the town now: Rookwood Cottage and unnamed coffee shop in front of Gallery Jack. Moved House of Truth from Pietmond Heights to beside SoSo West to make it more accessible, and balance the community structures better. Created sidewalks to Peter’s Grave and added *3* headstones in front of it (pictures pending). What else? Oh, deleted the Blue Feather Gallery for now, because one couldn’t reach it easily from the rest of town, plus the material within seems a bit dated now. But it could return. So Gallery Jack essentially replaced Blue Feather Gallery in the bigger picture.

Looking toward Gallery Jack (big box structure in background — not the plywood one but the one more in the middle of the photo) from Home o’ Fibs.

House of Truth, with SoSo West to left.

An unexpected worshiper in front of Peter’s Grave just before the aforementioned sidewalk and tombstones were added. Nifty.


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