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NORRIS, 01 October 24, 2011

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Probably still within Stype (centered by the Mouth of NORRIS) is this tree with mainly illegible words/letters carved on its trunk. Connected with the Voice Rock glyphs near Mouth of NORRIS? (both basically the same color; both pictured in 1st photos of successive blog posts about NORRIS). Time might tell.

There’s an official hiking path that runs basically all the way up and down the side of NORRIS. Seldom used, however, in comparison to most in the area, which contains bookoos of such hiking paths. It’s far enough from the creek so as not to ruin the overall ambiance and intercede in the general mystery of the place, but close enough to allow pretty easy access to any point along it.

Odder rock along the side of this path, which seems to have been, once more, placed on purpose here instead of being a natural occurrence. Reminds me of the headstone of NORRIS seen in the first photo of this blog post:

Not too far downstream from Dongoba and the Head of NORRIS appears this cluster of rocks, another obvious working of Michael Too. There’s no transparent stacking per se in effect here, just alignments. Perhaps this represents a place he scavenged for stones to use in the Dongoba temple complex.

Interesting rock ledge directly across the stream…

Close up of the alignment mentioned above. Actually, the rocks seem to be more just leaning against each other here than either aligned or stacked.

Much larger, flat boulders in the vicinity, obviously not artificially placed — too big. More on this particular collection soon.

Below appears several examples of smaller rock pilings or “temples” along the stream, again obvious handiwork of Michael Too in my opinion.

Mysterious shelf mouth along NORRIS. What is the stream trying to say??



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  1. […] the next series of real life exploration posts, we’ll move downstream to cover the NORRIS stream as a whole, which is about 1/4th of a mile long from head (Dongoba) to mouth (Stype). Like this:LikeBe the […]

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