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Dongoba, 02 October 23, 2011

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Stone obviously placed on purpose just above the very tip top of Dongoba Brook, its head in other words. Headstone, then?

A large rock on the ground most likely *not* placed on purpose in this location, but instead a “native”. But still mysterious seeming. Very mysterious; perhaps I’ll have more theories about the interaction of native and imported Dongoba rocks coming up (!)

Even the live vegetation seems odd here, like this birch tree whose exposed roots appear more like walls…

… and this moss-rock melding I’ve named Mosshead, because it simply looks like you’ve buried a life size version of my toy mossman (famous for his role in Salad Bar Jack movies in this blog) up to his eyebrows. Queer effect if you think of it in that way.

So now we’ve moved back into the temple complex proper. This particular one pictured below is the furthest upstream, in a seep area representing the very head of Dongoba Brook. I quickly noticed that all but one of the larger rock pilings is right next to this stream, sometimes even within it in part. Must mean something, I theorize.

This stone temple consists of maybe 9 rocks, all of vastly varying sizes and shapes, in contrast to the 4-stone stack nearby. I’ll have to create better photos of all these temples soon. Perhaps in the coming weekend, which should be another nice one.

I’m also unsure if part of this particular stack hasn’t collapsed a bit.

Another “temple”, with about the same amount of rocks as the one just talked about (9 or 10), but with a more brick-like stacking process involved. I plan to name all of these temples as well. As you can tell from the photo below, the water of Dongoba Brook actually laps up against this one.

And sitting not 10 feet from it, in the interior of the same rhododendron cluster, is the monster temple of the bunch. Like I said, there must be 50 or so rocks making up this one, mostly white varieties again.

Close up of the “big temple”.

Overhead shot of the smaller temple near it. You can enlarge all of these pictures by clicking them to get a closer look.

Dongoba, 03!


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