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Tomorrow… October 21, 2011

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Explore Michael Too area again. Perhaps not Brook Too again, though (*too* hard to get *to*). But maybe head of BROOK proper? Explore area immediately north of Quartz Brook. Or area immediately around Michael Too. Sit in M2’s chair… attempt to grok a bit. All this is built up from that. Revisit Tinsity if needed… no prob (easy to get to).

Much later of course, plan to camp on Wealthy Mtn. for an amount of time, perhaps a weekend or even more (week? *month*?). Same would go for Beach Mtn. What would I do when I’m camping? Could write the 2nd Oz book with Tinsity in it. Study up on Oz mythology again, my main tie to the area, perhaps. Study what happened to Oz store in Boulder (and marble race store next to it). Marbles (avatars) actually from Boulder? (not Denville?) Think, of course, of Brick in that hole.

Go back to *Foard City* in Second Life (formerly Fisher Rigg). It has devolved/reverted to a former existence. Arthur/Old Arthur is there — perhaps that is another key. Yes, Fourd City must be explored again as well. Take pics.


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