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Herman Park October 19, 2011

FINALLY, a map of Herman Park showing all these fabulous locations I’ve talked about in this blog for years now. Included are the recently mentioned Wealthy Mtn. locations of

Tinsity/Green Oz Creek
Quartz Brook
Michael Too (Abandoned? Campsite)
BROOK TOO or Brook Too
Lost Valley (BROOK flows through here)

Also included are the historic locations on CREEK or TILE Creek, including Hand Spring (source of TILE Creek), New Hope, Jonesborough, Meeting Rock, 1st Tree/Great Meadow, and Drink Lake.

Other shown locations, featured in their own blog sub-categories, are Gnirps/Fox Brook (far right) and STREAM (top), both on or very near limits of the park.

Frank and Herman Park crop up in many creative guises, including the Newton series collage “Frank and Herman, Einstein!” (also known as “Charles, Currier and, Burl”).

The flat top of Herman Munster’s head represents a particularly clear borrowing. The lightning bolt shaped scar on his head may also symboliz TILE Creek itself, from Hand Spring high up on Yards Mtn. to Drink Lake bordering the town of Boulder. Then again, maybe not. At any rate, it’s obvious that *Frank*enstein stands in for Herman’s immediate and similar-sized neighbor to the west, Frank Park. Is Einstein, then, Boulder to their south?

Distance between Yards Mtn. and Wealthy Mtn. on this map, the 2 major peaks within the park, is about 1 1/2 miles.