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SL>Jeogeot>Sunklands>Pietmond October 18, 2011

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Pietmond is really perfect the way it is. I have all the galleries I’ve developed in place, plus a new, larger one coming up in the Galactic.

And I’m once more ready to just give it all away.

I might as well face it, I suppose, and say that my days in SL land*owner*ship are dated. Not to say I won’t still keep renting, or exploring.

So it’s going to come down to: How do I want to remember Pietmond by, and Sunklands? And Jeogeot?

Why the decision to leave? Simply very little support for the concepts, even Jeogeot. I’d love to just take Pietmond away from SL now and into OpenSim or the equivalent, but with my borrowed and altered structures I don’t think it’s that simple. Pietmond belongs to Second Life.

For a long time, perhaps even at the beginning, the ties with any one, particular place in SL have been consistent yet at the same time persistently tenuous. Actually Azure Islands and Otherland may have been my favorite virtual places to “live”, and both habitations came within about the first year of Baker Bloch’s existence. Obviously I’ve grown quite fond of Jeogeot and its Pietmond and also Teepot especially since then, but that closer sense of oneness with place has not quite returned. It’s been different…

In Jeogeot I traded home for community, however small and isolated that community was. Pietmond is all that I can ask for in that respect… as I said, it’s perfect in that way. If it cost nothing, then, sure, I’d say it deserves to stick around. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s quite worth the price I’m paying, for what I’m *currently* getting out of it.

My idea of what Jeogeot could be and what it actually is keeps pushing further apart. Splendid Chilbo had and still has more energy to borrow from, but it too has probably seen its glory days come and go. Chilbo as well, and on a larger scale obviously, should start to think about its place in virtual history as a reflection of the past. I’d love to read about all that.

Hucka D.:

Yes, you are correct. Chilbo has to go. Pietmond, I mean.


Couldn’t return. It will always been Pietmond and Teepot spinning around each other if I don’t let it all go.

Hucka D.:

Correct. But does it have to go *now*? Can’t it wait until March? It’s going to be a long winter.


Hmmm. Maybe.

Hucka D.:

You may still have a proper Pietmond Phase II in store.



Hucka D.:

If you have nothing to lose then you can just get rid of ground structures as you like, or add them. You have The Freedom, a powerful thing.


What about Malyshkin?





[Baker Bloch] could just live here:


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