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Pietmond > Wealthy Mtn. October 17, 2011

Still digging Pietmond, of course. Working slowly on Galactic Gallery, aiming for an opening within the month. Need to still work on some of the notecards groundside.

Another great hiking day in these here mountains, and, again, accomplished mainly on Wealthy Mtn., a focus spot this fall. Tinsity will obviously remain the highlight find, but I’m checking out all sides. Some samples shots from today below.

This particular one is on a stream tumbling off Wealthy Mountain from the other side of Green Oz Creek that, for some reason, I don’t believe I’ve ever visited until today. Amazing place, and the big discovery of this particular day. It’s a tributary or perhaps even a fork of what I’ve called BROOK in various places in this blog, which resides in the Lost Valley north of Wealthy Mtn. Rhododendron stopped progress in heading further downstream, but still quite a bit of the brook, starting at the source high on Wealthy Mtn., remains in relatively open woods, with the main problem in access being the pretty steep descent into this side of the Lost Valley.*

Outside of travelling around the lip of the thing, this represents my first foray into Lost Valley this particular fall. The majority of the valley will always remain inaccesible because of thick rhododendron.

A somewhat more remote meadow nearer the top of Wealthy Mtn. Again, I can’t remember walking down in this particular direction of Wealthy Mtn. for at least years and years.

Looking back toward the top through the dying or now dead weeds.

Same meadow looking west to east.

Glistening, sunlit rocks in open forest near meadow, next to a tributary of Green Oz Creek actually.

Flat, greener land near bottom of same meadow, perhaps a future camping site of sorts. Should I even give it a name?

I’ve decided to take another day off of work tomorrow for more autumn hiking. Can you guess where I plan to go? 🙂


* Hucka D. later indicated that this particular creek is “Brook 2”, which shortly turned into a new name of “Brook Too” to match “Michael Too” just on the other side of the ridge. More on Michael Too soon enough.