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Tinsity: What I Know At The Moment… October 13, 2011

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The castle at the tip of the Tinsity peninsula, where Olive Branch joins up with Green Oz Creek, was Tin S. Man’s holiday home of sorts. He was asked to live in the area as a vacation resident by Wallace3, who may have been the only, actual conscious entity living in the area beforehand. Wallace3 created a city of “clones” named, logically enough, after himself: Wallace. This would be just north of then in-the-future Tinsity, which may have still been a location called Gold at the time. Buried or hidden treasure was there, at least rumored to be gold. Very valuable. Connected to Ark of the Covenant? If so, it would not be the Ten Commandments hidden within, but the Tin Commandments or perhaps just one Commandment: Love others like you love Yosef (Yourself).

Wallace3 appears to be perhaps the same entity found in stasis on Second Life’s Mos Ainsley island/space base, as pictured in this earlier Baker Blinker Blog post:

We know this because Wallace is candidate 108 in the LOST lighthouse wheel…

… and the alien code at Mos Ainsley contained 108 characters (3 rows of 36), with the ending 4 digits, in a separate line, of “2E2E” representing instead a signature and not a part of the message. This is Wallace3 identifying himself.

Questions: How is Wallace3 able to clone? How did Wallace3 get to Green Oz and then contact Tin S. Man? Did Wallace3 dig the Money Pit of Green Oz to trap Abbadon, the swamp monster or Marsh Monster? Theory: the Money Pit was dug at slightly the wrong place, and the gold was in Gold, original name of Tinsity (through Tin City). How did Wallace3 code all this in the town names of Duplin County, NC, and why? So that I, baker b., would find them? (probably) Wallace3 calls himself that because George Wallace of Alabama was the famous 3rd party candidate in 1968, an election which Nixon (Tricky Dicky) won and Minnesota’s Hubert Humphrey came in 2nd.

note: This may have something to do with Houston County in se corner of Minn. and Alab. (?)

Connections: George Wallace appeared in Forrest Gump, Gary Sinise also starred in Forrest Gump and later played George Wallace in a 1997 television film of the same name.

Gary Sinise is from Blue Island, Illinois, once the brick capital of the world and named for former island status (pre-history). Blue Island stands for Earth, a blue island in Space.

Wallace3 = George Wallace, or he is indicated. Wallace3 = Wallace, NC, which contains Humphrey on other side of county and Calypso/Faison (= 666, Anti-Christ Nixon the Crook).

Wallace3 connects to Mythos through Calypso at top of Duplin County (like Calypso city at “top” of Wazob, Mythos), Tin City in same county — Tin City, Confederation in Tin Province, with Tin and Olive province obviously related to Oklahoma (Olive) and its panhandle (Tin), a 6:1 relationship for a total of 7 for OK. Where’s Hucka D. when you need him ?!


Brick may stand for Wilson Dam, Alabama, since Ford City nearby formerly called Brick, only 1 in US. Relates to Wilson-Wheeler forward-backward relationship.

Pope equals the Confederation Nixon, the last president or directorate. Afterwards the position is split into 3 parts, with Hayes the first president with no one-to-one correspondence in Confederation history. B. Hayes, now related to Carrcass-1 and also GREEN (Carrcass-6).

Back to Tinsity, so Wallace3 asked Tin S. Man to holiday at times in his area to promote it, Oz being the most famous fantasyworld at the time. Wallace3 renamed the area Green Oz to attract the Tin Man. Formerly called Yd? (Yellow Down), or perhaps Green Oz is created from two separate regions called Greenup and Yellow Down. Or perhaps Green Oz was called Green Acres instead, surrounding the middle third of Green Oz Creek (then Yd Creek?). Eventually Wallace3 asked Tin S. Man to clone himself in respects, but this involved the creation of other “tin men” or “robots” built by the Tin Man himself. Smaller than himself, however. Were they all made of tin as well? So these were the inhabitants of his Tinsity, to compliment the Wallace3 clones making up the neighboring Wallace community. But probably by this time the swamp/marsh monster, “bad to the bone” Abbadon had been defeated by Tin S. Man in a manner of speaking.

By this time Tin S. Man at least partially worked in Tinsity with his self made robots, and his castle was at least a bit more than just a holiday home or namesake castle. Perhaps the small robots were created to dig the Money Pit just outside of town, to attempt to find gold?

Duplin County (Rose Hill) is home to the world’s largest frying pan, or so the sign says.

Tin S. Man, even after creating his robots for Tinsity, wasn’t really that involved in Wallace-Tinsity and didn’t really understand what Wallace was up to with his bone digging scheme. Old Boney (b. 1903 with 3 pitching appearances). How did Wallace3 get tip for Gold at Bones and idea of Money Pit? Was an added bonus that if the dig didn’t produce Gold, he could use it to trap Abbadon instead?

Wallace3 asked Tin S. Man to produce his robots so that his Wallace clones would have company. Maybe they all were rivals instead?


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