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Pietmond Grows Again… October 13, 2011

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New map of town in what appears to be the new community hq: Home o’ Fibs, a central location. It is my plan to make this an entry point for the Galactic Gallery as well.

I’ll just go ahead and give the SLurl here in case someone wants to explore the work-in-progress.

My idea is to make Pietmond, this go around, a more or less permanent virtual community, which I can carry beyond even SL itself, perhaps, along with the encompassing Sunklands region even.

SoSo West Gallery, dead ahead in the below photo and still filled with art by fellow syncher Mike Casey, has been re-established at almost the exact same spot it occupied in classic (2010-2011) Pietmond.

The Temple of TILE labyrinth has been greatly improved, I feel, by integrating it more with the Pietmond surroundings. Stupendous! Now I just have to coax Baker Bloch into walking it more. 🙂

Labyrinth from Pietmond Heights patio area, looking down several flights of stairs and past Home o’ Fibs (left) and TILE Quadtower (right). The walls around the labyrinth are translucent from the outside and transparent from the inside.

Castle in the Rocks has also been re-created at about the same spot it was in the town, i.e., “in the rocks.” And the rocks, of course, have been re-added as well.

Main Way (yes, I said it might not ever come back in the last Pietmond related blog post, and the next day it does (!)), extends all the way to SoSo East, which is in a new position and angle in the town. So that returns almost all the old structures of Pietmond in one form or another.

This is a nice shot juxtaposing both SoSo signs at once.

Overhead shot.

I believe I’ll call this path Side Way, and former Main Way “Old Main Way”. Or maybe just leave them unnamed this time around. As you can glean from the below picture, the traditional and original Orange House (right) has also returned, and fairly close to its former spot as well.

Once the dust finally settles on *new* classic Pietmond, and I assume it will soon (not out of prims, but running about as low as I wish and have room for more skybox experiments), I’ll maybe make a sort of chart about tracking old to new, equivalent structures. What has been improved in the conversion, and what concepts have perhaps suffered or been left out?


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