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Pietmond Growth October 11, 2011

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Addition of the Temple of TILE into the heart of the Pietmond sink, overlapping the position of the TILE Temple there before last fall/spring. The shape of the temple is roughly the same as it was in Teepot, where it has been deleted. Teepot, once more, becomes a ghost town in giving its energy back to Pietmond. History repeats.

The old Main Way has not yet returned in any shape/form, and perhaps never will. But at any rate I planned the Temple of TILE to be located right off of it in case I change my mind.

Instead the new “main way” is pictured below, which runs in front of both the temple and the also newly place Home o’ Fibs on its way up to Pietmond Heights. The decision to use walkway tiles instead of sidewalk was an aesthetic one. Again, this may change — there is no equivalent to this walkway in old Pietmond, nor the small pool to its right in the first picture below (and to the left in the second, looking the opposite direction of course).

Overhead shot. I’m still working on the temple innards.

Much of what was in old or original (classic?) Pietmond has returned, with some important exceptions. SoSo East and West are nowhere to be found, with SoSo West having been left behind in Teepot for now, a lonely, isolated gallery. Norum Gallery is not in Pietmond. They could return, but my idea is to focus, with my ample amount of remaining prims still, on a skybox creation. And, not by accident, these (SoSo East, SoSo West, Norum) represent the bulk of the galleries found on old Main Way. Pietmond’s “center” has definitely shifted, with the primary constant being some form of TILE Temple or Temple of TILE, which basically remains in the same position (along with the accompanying labyrinth).

Speaking of sky, Galactic Gallery is mostly completed, although I still haven’t talked to the two main exhibitors about permission to use their work. One is OK, I believe.


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