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Wealthy Mtn., 01: Top o’ mtn. October 8, 2011

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At almost 4400 feet in elevation, the top of Wealthy Mtn. provides a rich view of the surrounding countryside in several directions. Although I go to Herman Park all the time, I haven’t been to this top in a number of years, simply because it’s such places where you find the majority of park goers. I’m people-phobic. However, today was a weekday and I had to top all to myself. Funtastic.

One of the several interesting, stumpy oak trees at the summit.

Mysterious messsage: “E.M.G.”

The very tip top is encircled by a stone wall maybe 30-40 feet in diameter. The oaks in the background are not within this circle, but the “E.M.G.” message is, along with nearby piles of stacked rocks perhaps created by the same landscape artist (not pictured).

Hollow oak, but still sprouting.

View to northeast. That’s the somewhat shorter, pyramid-shaped Rambo Knob in the distance that I may discuss sometime on this blog.*


* Hucka D. brought up the interesting idea that T-Bonz may be from Rambo Knob. Check it out!


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