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A-maze-ing September 23, 2011

The Wealthy Mtn. mini-maze.

Wealthy Mtn.: Quartz Brook.


Hucka D., it is rumored now that Laurie Metcalf of Roseanne fame visited Greenhead, birthplace of bees, to try to help undo the damage her Great Aunt inflicted on that community. Uncle Joe and Aunt Zoe together plugged up that hole, and the bees were separated from their beloved Frank Park.

Hucka D.:

I know all about that, thanks. Yes, I pointed you to Laurie Metcalf, who will visit or has visited or is presently visiting Greenhead. Thanks again. She is going through a tough time. She is plugging a hole herself, but to the heart. Death, heart. We, the Bees, are helping by sending her to Greenhead in Timescape. She will see the unfortunate consequences of humans Uncle Joe and Aunt Zoe on the community past/present/future.


Guess there is a bit of resemblance going on there, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

They are the same.


Nah, couldn’t be. Their lives overlap for a couple of years in the ’50s.

Hucka D.:



But back to Greenhead and the damage done there by Uncle Joe and Aunt Zoe. That seems to be a sort of solid fiction developing, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

As you have also now guessed, Laurie has acquired the “The Curse of an Akins Heart.”




It must have something to do with Tin City that has just come up. AKIN. The humans, Aunt and Uncle, must have wanted that Gold. Skillet Gold. YES. YES. Bling. YEAH. It was in the opposite corner of the humans, meaning it had nothing to do with humans. Squirrels, instead? ALCHEMY. But not witchcraft? NO. (pause) GOODNIGHT VIOLET. That’s the county map you gave to Violet, the last time Baker Bloch saw her. I AM NOT HUCKA. Who, then? HUCKA II. And Hurla too? YES. Are you like Scoobie Doo? Perhaps from Coolville or Coolsville? STOP.


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