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Wealthy Mtn., 02 September 20, 2011

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Better shot of the symmetrical triangle effect created by 2 fallen limbs next to Quartz Brook. I promise to make a map of the area asap.

Another repeat shot from the former post on this subject below.

Fog near the top of Wealthy Mtn. made for some interesting shots even with my limited photography skills.

Fork in a carriage road on a ridge extending from the top of Wealthy Mtn. The left represents an entrance into a small maze or labyrinth. The right hand road…

… continues to follow the ridge toward another great mountain pasture with excellent views of the surrounding hills.

Big find of the day, however: a campsite on another, lower ridge offshooting *this* ridge, formerly inhabited by a person I simply know as Michael, with no attached, last name. Not that I know this person well, only enough to understand that he may not be in the region any longer — still trying to track down this story. Michael has also been brought up several times in this blog, and the subject of him actually being a Mossman-in-disguise (doubtful) has been broached once by Hucka D. and I. The campsite is fascinating, whatever…

… including this rather clear sign (quartz crystal in center of only table of the compound) that Michael also knows something about the activities of Lisa the Vegetarian in the region, perhaps centered around Quartz Brook.

Shots of grassy parts of the ridge in the fog while heading back up to the maze road from the campsite.


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