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Herman Park, Wealthy Mountain September 17, 2011

Several great hikes on Wealthy Mtn. to chronicle for this blog. We start, however, along TILE Creek, specifically where one of the many old carriage roads in the park runs next to Meeting Rock, considerably discussed here as a probable meeting place of the several known species of toy avatars, plus more, even (beavers? bees?, SL avatars even?).

Like Wealthy Mtn., Meeting Rock lies within the borders of the approximately 3600 acre Herman Park near our home in Blue Mountain. The below photo was instead taking from Herman Park’s immediate neighbor to the west, Frank Park, which is even slightly larger at about 4200 acres. The site below, although far away from any current habitation, contains a row of boxwoods that belies a previous human presense here, as do the remains of rock walls nearby.

We move now to Wealthy Mtn. itself, and a picture of the many rocks found on its slopes.

Rocks with fungus on same.


A field on Wealthy Mtn. starting to show off the rich colors of early fall.

A shot of Quartz Brook that runs from the meadow pictured above toward Frank Park and Spoon Fork. Quartz Brook has become a focus of attention for toy avatar research recently.

Very nearby we find direct evidence for toy avatar activity in the area, which blog sage Hucka D. has attributed to Lisa the Vegetarian and her attempts to establish the first avatar community in the region. I’ll have to get clarification from Hucka D. on all that very soon. Mental note here, then.

Sorry for the out-of-focus pictures ending this post, but I felt it important to include some major finds of the day, like this rock apparently placed on purpose atop a stump just west of where the above picture was taken. Is this another aspect of Lisa V.’s efforts?


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