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Historic Teepot Re-creation, 01 September 8, 2011

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Exciting new “skybox” in Teepot re-creating pioneer days in the Yeot area, specifically focusing on Old Teepot and the original Teepot Express train.

Below finds Baker Bloch perched on the edge of Teepot High (ridge) looking down toward the pioneer village.

Baker now sits inside the village, and also within the circular track of the Teepot Express. Before him lies small but strategically placed Victory Lake, complete with rowboat. More on the lake soon; more on all of this soon. Pretty super excited to be reporting this new build, actually.

Pioneer or “Old” Teepot. Perhaps called Teepot Station? The circular nature of the Teepot rail is obvious now from this more aerial shot. The main theme of the structures within and around the track is “clockworks” — they abound. All the structures are freebies created by the amazing Aley Arai, who I strongly suspect is just another incarnation of Arcadia Asylum whose builds have been lauded for years on this blog.* They include a barn, a general store, a very large cuckoo clock whose namesake and sole occupant actually pops out of its attic quarters ever hour to chirp the news. Wonderful!

Baker attempts to row without oars but doesn’t get too far.

In the insuing dizziness, Baker snaps a couple more interested pictures from mouseview that I decided to post here. Hope I’m not embarrassing him very much.

Now on the Teepot Express itself, Baker takes some more mouseview photos from various angles, focusing on the internal structures and objects around Victory Lake.

Baker rides the Teepot Express.

But that’s not all to this re-creation, because we also have a rather large nature area accompanying the town itself, which includes this cave on Teepot High.

Here’s an aerial view of the whole layout. Teepot Station or Old Teepot or Pioneer Teepot is to the left, Teepot High — again, this is a ridge — in the middle, and then a less forested and undeveloped area to the right. Notice that there’s also another small stream on the sky platform on the other side of Teepot High from the village, which doesn’t have a name yet.

Shot from a small temple building toward Victory Lake, looking around a still mysterious trojan warrior statue, it appears.


* Aley Arai is also apparently known as Aley Resident.


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