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The crafting of a town… August 31, 2011

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… is fun but tough. Latest change: the old Pietmond South Gallery structure has replaced Gallery 7/10 in the newest part of Teepot, dubbed Piepodt.

The replacement saves prims, and is more functional overall.

Is an exit from downtown, like what happened in Pietmond during the spring, in the works as well? One change from that situation: the buildings holding both the Sadler and Rougeau material are very low prim, and Casey art doesn’t even count toward prims presently. These were the 3 artists showing in the old Pietmond South Gallery last spring, along with Max Ernst.

Piepodt remains an enigma. It obviously has the potential to move beyond the Pietmond situation last spring, which is implied in the name itself.

Hucka D.:

One would have Piepodt, either Pietmond or Teepot. Teepot bided its time — knew you would circle back around to it. But really Piepodt is just as much Pietmond’s as Teepot’s.


Except it isn’t.

Hucka D.:

What’s inside Piepodt, then?


3rd Life I suppose.

Hucka D.:

So far, you’ve just been attempting to absorb the energy of Pietmond, at its peak, into Teepot. Can Teepot go beyond Pietmond now?


In ways it already has. Through the absorption of the Rubi Temple into its heart. The replacement of Pietmond’s TILE Temple with Teepot’s Temple of TILE seems like an advance. And the temple still has the labyrinth. Much more Edna photos, and certainly more united thematically.

Hucka D.:

We can start there, then. What is the equivalent to the Pod Pad, though?


There is none, I suppose. (pause) The Pod Pad never took off, though, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Yes. It did. Music venue.


Well, I believe it was supposed that the Pod Pad would be a place of communication between Jeogeot and Wazob. A melding. 4-5-6.

Hucka D.:

Or maybe this place…


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