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Commitment August 30, 2011

Filed under: Hucka D.,Teepot,Yeot — baker Blinker @ 6:06 am

Turns out Piepodt (with an ending “t” now, one should note) was really part of Teepot, the newest district. Some preliminary shots; all is still in development at this point; several empty galleries:

And one full gallery: the newly placed SoSo East, for now immediately north of the Blue Feather Gallery on the Rainbow Way extension. Nice fit.

The whole darn town:

From the shores of Gong looking up at the newly erected, empty galleries. That’s what I called, in Noru, the 7/10 Gallery to the left, and then one of the old Gallery Jack structures to the right. That’s also my asteriod in the sky to the right, a continuation of the Something to CHRO About Gallery accessible from the Teepot Plaza.

Let’s bring in one or two board spirits for a couple more comments. Hucka D.? Sapphire?

Hucka D.:

Good. You know where Piepodt is now. It’s the push you needed. Keep it cool. Don’t burn out. Explore possibilities of new artists. Make new friends. It’s time to push again.


Thank you.

A new town focal point: the Teepot Express engine


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