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Teepot Around August 27, 2011

Filed under: Teepot,Yeot — baker Blinker @ 7:40 am

View of town in late August from a patio area of the neighboring “Art or Porn?” gallery in Saengseon.

Interesting head of a strean in Yangpa southwest of Gong already reported about in this blog here.

MUCHO empty space around Teepot, considerably more, it seems, than even during my last stay here. Less to explore in the area, then. Mainland seems “on the ropes.”

Another empty space made somewhat more interesting by the remains of the former occupant’s terraforming efforts, creating a large, square crater of sorts.

Back in Teepot looking west on Rainbow Way.

I still like Teepot, despite some more recent negative ratings coming through the art kiosk placed beside the town map. I think people are having trouble finding the various galleries despite the presence of landmarks (too numerous?), and also not understanding the definition of an “art crawl”, as *I* understand it, as an event you have to walk and poke around a bit to find all the included galleries, which presently number 8. I’ll say it’s better layed out than the same in Pietmond, besides using considerably less prims for basically the same setup (same works/exhibits, that is).

I have no concrete plans to get rid of Teepot yet (!)


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