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Plans, Thoughts… August 25, 2011

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Although I can certainly purchase considerably cheaper land elsewhere, I believe I’ll stay in Teepot for at least several months. My plan right now is to purchase more land in the area next month, and start on a new project. I don’t believe I have the energy to begin again in Pietmond, for example, although I haven’t ruled that route out yet. And I could always return to Noru in the future, but not anytime soon I don’t think.

I physically sat atop Meeting Rock in Herman Park and pondered a lot about toy avatars yesterday on a day off from work. It’s very complex (!) Toy avatars such as Gene Fade and perhaps even Grassy Noll, for example, seem to know of Second Life and have actually created avatars themselves (!!). How this is possible I’m still not certain, but I believe Gene Fade may be the user of both Karoz Blogger and Bracket Jupiter, in looking over my notes. But it’s not that simple — it’s not just a matter of Gene Fade creating the Karoz and Bracket avatar but more a situation like in the movie “Avatar” where Gene actually and physically enters another, created (“artificial”) body for a while. But that’s not quite it either, for I feel that Karoz is more Gene’s son, somehow, than Gene Fade himself, and that Gene Fade was actually inside another avatar that mated with Karoz’s future mother, perhaps Gypsy Purse (?), with Karoz the result. The mother is somehow both the alien found on Mos Ainsley, the so-called “Moon” of Jeogeot on this blog at times, and then also the Gypsy of The Moon sim beside Maebaleia, with the idea that these 2 moons are actually one moon, and that Maebaleia and Jeogeot are similarly one.

I guess in looking over that last paragraph that Gene Fade the toy avatar could have actually come himself into Second Life. That makes more sense, perhaps. This is an odd subject to broach, but I wonder if he procured a, er, phallus in SL??

If the mother is actually the toy avatar Gypsy Purse (who starred in the Salad Bar Jack movie “Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE” with Gene) — well, in the movie Gypsy Purse is an Mmmmmmm. Hmm.

It could be time for Hucka D., but let me continue a bit more by myself…

And then it’s been speculated that Sapphire is Karoz’s mother, but only an adoption mother. Gypsy (gypsies?) brought Karoz to Sapphire sometime after she became Sapphire-from-Turquoise, perhaps considerably afterwards (to give her time to mature). Would she still be in Yeot then, or would she have already moved to Norum?? At any rate, we know that Karoz was definitely in Norum, and thought himself more Chilboan than Norumian, at least at a specific time in his life. Was this when he transformed from Sapphire’s precious Aquamarine, a dependant, to rebellious Aqua Teen, and then moving into a house by himself in Norum (same as Sapphire’s parents’ house in Yeot) and out of Sapphire’s “House of Truth”? What influences came into Karoz’s life at this time that influenced this decision. Was it the passing of the Linden Lab grid through Norum that triggered the transformation, perhaps eliminating Sapphire, or turning her into LL, or Lapis and Lazuli both in one? Ending also the long run of her play “Norum in the Gazebo”?


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