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Northeast of Teepot, 01 August 21, 2011

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In looking around Teepot the other day, was rather amazed to find a sim called Gongduk directly above Yeoseol, in turn caddycorner to Maeshill to its northwest, with Maeshill being the home sim of Teepot itself. Why the surprise? Well, I’d already named the Teepot proximate body of water Hucka D. has been telling me to focus on lately *Gong* before learning of this nearby sim’s name. In checking the Second Life search, I subsequently find this is the only sim that starts with these same 4 letters. As I recall, the name Gong for this official, Linden pool of water comes from 2 directions. The first is that it relates to the Oriental game of *go* as described in this post from last year a bit, “go” being the first 2 letters of the word “gong”. The 2nd direction would be the association of the name Teapot with the psychedelic oriented rock group actually called Gong, whose perhaps most famously titled album is Flying Teapot, from 1973. But Teepot doesn’t really come from any overt infatuation with that group by me — in fact I know very little about their music still. Instead, Teepot is supposed to be a kind of comic inversion of the name Pietmond, which has other sources entirely.

So it was logical after finding out about this bit of resonance to head up to Gonglock and look it over. Much of the sim is being developed by Bliss Estates, with the parcel called White Sands resort V.I.P. The signs on the property state the resort will be open to the public in Spring 2011; apparently they’re behind schedule a bit now. Below, Baker hovers over a focal point of the property: a blue-green lagoon already containing quite a menagerie of aquatic life, including a large manta.

Baker wonders, along with me, if there could possibly be any geomantic connections between this pool and the significantly smaller Gong pool about 700-800 meters southwest.

A small observatory sits on the property’s east edge, and on the eastern side of Gongduk as well. Baker can’t seem to get it to work properly, though; perhaps another development aspect of the resort that’s been delayed for one reason or another.

Now in Yeoseol just south of Gongduk, Baker runs across this nice boardwalk. To his left here is a pier that seems to represents the main entry point for the White Sands resort as a whole…

… which includes this map showing key property locations.

And then Baker happens upon another quite similar type map for KJ Property making up most of the southern part of Yeoseol below White Sands, which includes not 1 but 2 art galleries (Beachfront Artists and KJ Insights).

A high heeled shoe turned sideways on a Yeoseol beach that I thought was some kind of ray gun upon first encounter, hehe.

Near the southwest corner of Yeoseol. Teapot is just beyond Baker’s vision range directly ahead of him.

Turning west and back into Yeoseol, Baker locates the small lake with an island he spotted on the KJ Property map. A friendly polar bear keeps him company as he enjoys a tree swing.

The Beachfront Artists Gallery — Baker promises to come back another night and do some more reporting on this.


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