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Thoughts… August 16, 2011

Work on labyrinth walking instructions tomorrow. The 7-circuit labyrinth now inside the Temple of TILE in Teepot faces north. One walks around the labyrinth, then, counterclockwise until ready to enter the meat of the thing. Purification. Getting in tune.

Here’s the position where you enter after this, and descend from surrounding blue into yellow, or a descent from the number 8 to the number 5 in other terms.

I gotta get a light for that place (!) Within the yellow band you are walking clockwise now, then working back out a bit again, red finds you turning in a counterclockwise way, then still working back out toward blue, within the green band or path you are heading clockwise once more. This follows the number pattern 8-5-6-7, and brings you to this point…

… where a second descent is found, this time into the tightly wound bowels of the labyrinth and the non-TILE colors of, first, blue-black, then violet then orange and then red-black before a final descent into the white epicenter. This would correspond to the numbers 4-1-2-3, leaving out the white center which would equate with both 0 (zero) but also 8 again (center and circumference as one).

Usually I just stop in the center and don’t try to work my way back out. Am I doing it wrong, though?

Baker Bloch meditating after reaching the center.

This makes the whole circuit 8-5-6-7-4-1-2-3. 8-5-6-7 corresponds with the 4 TILE colors of, in order, blue, yellow, red, and green within the labyrinth. 4-1-2-3, again, are non-TILE colors. Let’s bring in Hucka D. to see if he has any comments on the subject.

Hucka D.:

Good work baker b. The labyrinth is in a truer position than before, resting at the bottom of the Rubi temple. Nice. You forgot to mention that 8-5-6-7 is the four letters of TILE itself, but not in that order. Instead *that* would be E (8/blue), I (5/yellow), L (6/red), and T (7/green). This is also the colors of Easter (blue; yellow) and Christmas (red; green), with Easter pure and uncorrupted within the overarching system and Christmas singly corrupted within same. Jeez I’m talking a lot tonight. The inner part of the labyrinth, the non-TILE windings, further equate with Halloween or doubly corrupted, then July 4th, which is triply corrupted to end. Then as you said the center, white, zero is the same as the outside, blue, eight, where you can just meditate and stare up at the spinning TILE cube at the center of the temple if you wish.

Might be nice to have a picture of that to augment my talking.


Already done!

Hucka D.:

I seem to be possessed by your hands tonight. Hold on…

Picture of labyrinth from 2nd floor while I wait on Hucka D.

3rd floor…

Hucka D. (returning):

I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Sorry.


What was it?

Hucka D.:

A bell. For ringing.


Hmmm… New year?

Hucka D.:

No. Thoughts.


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