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Teepot Views August 11, 2011

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Overhead shot. The focus of new development is in what I’m now calling Teepot Heights, or the tight cluster of buildings surrounding a fountain in the middle of the below photo. Definitely a strong Norum Heights vibe going on there, as the layout is quite similar. Biggest difference is there’s no equivalent to Norum Height’s quite central Pietmond South Gallery, and probably never will be in the Teepot area. However, I’ve returned Mike Casey’s art to the downtown building in original or “classic” Teepot (east of Teepot Heights), and also have Stegokitty’s photos/art still in the Gallery in the Rocks in Teepot Heights itself. In terms of galleries, also in Teepot are SoSo East, still containing my Oblong collage series, and also House Greenup on the highest ground of the new community, and its westernmost structure as well.

Since taking the below picture, I’ve decided to delete the Eternally Bickering Newton-Jasper statues from Teepot Heights — they still appear in Blackmount, though, connected to the Edwardston Station Gallery there.

Row of colorful trees I like quite a bit — may name the bordering walkway Rainbow Trail or Rainbow Way to honor them. Another possibility is SoSo Way, since it connects… well, I think I like Rainbow Way better, actually.

View from Teepot Heights toward my neighbor’s very interesting and quite large “Art or Porn?” Gallery. It’s not as pornographic as it sounds — at all. More on that soon.

Behind the fountain area in this photo are Home Orange (left), Town Hall (center), and an unnamed, low prim gallery which already contains 4 pieces of art by Charles Nelson Blinkerton. Towering above the Teepot Town Hall to its back is the Gallery in the Rocks. The Town Hall is also not yet finished, although it’s shaping up to be a basic double to the one in Norum Heights. Home Orange returns here as the official residence of Baker Bloch, just as it was in Norum H. as well.

A look down what seems to be dubbed Rainbow Way now from its top. Turn left here and you go into the main Teepot Heights courtyard. At the bottom of the hill is SoSo East, and at the far end of Rainbow Way in the background is SoSo West with the Casey art. The rocket ship to the left also has a story to tell, as I think Hucka D. wants to illuminate soon among many other topics Teepotish.

View looking south this time. It’s really a quite interesting area, and just as complex as Pietmond in many ways. The big difference yet to be overcome for Teepot is the lack of a TILE temple. We’ll see what develops on that front soon enough.

Oh, and I have a town slogan: “Get high on Teepot!” Clever, eh?


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