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BFD/C-6 August 8, 2011

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Listening to: “Utopia Theme”

Topics: SL home

Speakers: bb (baker b.), Hucka D. (Hucka Doobie)

– Begin Dialog Here –

Hucka D.:

Let’s get to the point. Malyshkin.


Blue Feather Douglas, right.

Hucka D.:

More is revealed with the newest carrcass. Dim corners will be illuminated, as was and is being written. Good work, I will reinforce. You have no worries. You are clear cut to finish line. Good work.


I think I’ll reestablish the Blue Feather Gallery in modern Crabwoo as I’m re-creating it. Say the one in Noru was an imitation or equivalent. Downplay it, upplay the new[ one].

Hucka D.:

Woman was alone at beginning. Ate flower, then man was born as man/woman. Put a turkey at her feet. No room for the fire breathing snake. Shark gets A+ for this one. Others? This is Adam. This is Oliver. Adam, WV; Adam, FL; Adam, NE; Adam an unknown building in Washington County, Missouri recorded on the first of March, 1991.


It’s such rich ideas. Let me quote from Rhoda in describing Roostre. Not our Ruustre, I don’t think, but definitely related:

MOUSE: What’s going on with that Shark?
RHODA: (sighs) Man, I do not know. What Shark?
MOUSE: Skillet. Show him.

Skillet screeches and hits a button, revealing Shark trapped in water.

RHODA: Roostre, dude. Roostre is the guy.
MOUSE: What about Roostre?
RHODA: He’s a he. He’s the man. Everything, everything he touches goes bad.
MOUSE: What about that? (pointing to Man/Woman)
RHODA: She’s… the man-wo-man. You oughta ask him. He’ll show ya.
MOUSE: And that no-eyed square guy? What’s his deal?
RHODA: Don’t talk to him, man. You don’t know what you’re getting into. I’m telling you.
MOUSE: Who is he?
RHODA: Aw, he’s rich. He’s really rich. He’s the bank. He’s got like all this mad cash from the…
MOUSE: From the what?
RHODA: I don’t know. R-Roostre knows.


Lot’s of great, cryptic information there. And I would add: Roostre knows B. Hayes, which puts it all in this county:

Must have something to do with Don, don’t you think.

Hucka D.:

Not even a question. He stepped outside. He’s in the desert. Met Leigh, the 4th angle/corner. That’s…


Yeah, I know, where it all makes sense, at the 4th. Where is.

Burning Flipside


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