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Toy Avatars United August 5, 2011

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Today I discovered a wonderful blog called Pubdolls, featuring what can only be called, in my own invented blog lingo, toy avatars. I stumbled upon this blog through a search for “Tardis + Sardis”, understanding, again in my own idiosyncratic manner, that Sardis is the closest word to Tardis in our language and can substitute for it given the right time/space stream. And this is the stream, it seems!

I’m just going to go through some of the blog posts and hot link those that seem relevant to the themes of the Baker Blinker Blog and toy avatardom.

Here’s a post about all the various characters that inhabit the world of Pubdolls. Note that the last entry is Dr. Whatson, a toy avatar version of one Britain’s most beloved fictional sons, Dr. Who.

Coincidentally or not, the name of this particular post is “Pubdolls – who’s who?”

I’ve also been thinking about the doctor’s famous traveling companions this morning upon doing some sideways research — Rose Tyler from the the new seasons 1 and 2 in particular — and see that Pubdolls’ equivalent for Dr. Whatson is one Polly Line, described as an architect on that same “who’s who?” page.

I’m working forwards from the oldest mentions of Dr. Whatson in this blog up to the most recent. Here Polly meets Dr. Whatson while on a camping trip, where he wisks her away to unknown dimensions.

One of the places we know they subsequently visit is 17th Century Denmark. It is in this post that the meaning of the word SARDIS is best explained.

And then Doctor takes Polly to a variety of American and world locations in this post from 2 days later, including Cape Canaveral for the launching of the space shuttle.

Love the comments about blockheads at the end. 🙂

And a post involving a murderous Dr. Whatson which luckily turns out only to be a dream. I think.

Very funny stuff. Great work Pubdoll!


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  1. […] of Second Life. This relates it to Dr. Who’s famed tardis (not to be confused with a sardis, which is slightly different). That the house key was blue is another key. Because Key Rock was […]

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