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Ruustre’s Peninsula = Newest Home August 3, 2011

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There’s The Man! No, not him. Him!

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Does Rooster have something to do with this?

Hucka D.:



Blue and red at once. Rooster Teeth… Rooster Springs. Man/Woman. Don/Ozmo.

Hucka D.:



Q109 and R110. Rule 110.

Hucka D.:



15 Step.

Hucka D.:




15 Step has to do with the elimination of the Abomination as a threat. Does this mean that Hilo Peak and the Ancients are restored to their original power? Uriginal?

Hucka D.:

Rooster was a part of R110, whose mission was to destroy the Abomination and what it stood for, which was actually the Linden grid. The beta version. Second Life. Alpha version was not so much a threat.


Rooster… who was both red and blue at once. Perhaps equally, making him…

Hucka D.:

Fuchsia. Diamond. 30 and 32.


Rooster knows B. Hayes, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

You better end.

The thought was echoing in Baker Bloch’s head at the time: Rooster knows B. Hayes.

A very red, central room for meetings of some sort in the peninsula’s castle. Red like a rooster I realize in retrospect.* Meetings related to R110 by chance??

Portrait of a saddled yet riderless horse in the same, open space. Who is the rider? Has he yet to mount? Or has he been thrown by chance, perhaps just out of the picture’s range? And, given the red saddle, is it Ruustre’s horse?

The castle has many mysterious passages, reminding Baker Bloch of the central castle of Fishers Rigg at the time. Here Baker actually falls several stories into an otherwise closed area after exploring a side passage off from the red meeting room pictured above.

Baker Bloch has not explored the full range of the castle by any means. That *means*: more soon!



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