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ARCHEOEXPO 2011 July 1, 2011

Filed under: Kahruvel Forest,Sansara continent — baker Blinker @ 2:02 am

I can’t be part of it (on vacation Sat. in West Virginie, most likely), but thought I’d drop a plug here. Looks like fantastic fun! Can’t wait to see the relics on display in Cowell when I return. Luv that village.

11/14/11 Update: My old bud Headburro Antfarm has created a post on the subject here!:


One Response to “ARCHEOEXPO 2011”

  1. Oops, silly me. Didn’t realize Archeoexpo 2011 was *last* week. On that Sat. I was working on my gutters with my wife and father-in-law.

    But, hey, they don’t call it 2nd Life for nutt’n.

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