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Birth of a town: Norum Heights June 26, 2011

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More additions have happened in Norum Heights since the creation of this post, which include the Towers of TILE (north), TILE Temple (south), as well as the movement of House Orange, Baker Bloch’s official home, from north to more toward the center.

At this earlier stage, by far the most dominant structure of the fledgling burg is the central Pietmond South Gallery, still containing the Rougeau, Sadler, Casey, and Max Ernst displays already seen in Pietmond itself this past spring.

Juxtaposition of Crystal Cave, peering down the larger and more inaccessible of its 2 openings, with Norum Heights, north side, in the background.

Norum Heights from across the top of the one of the Mashed Potato Hills.

Baker and new friend look toward the cottage within the Mashed Potato Hills protected wildland.

Central “downtown” region of Norum Heights, dominated by the Pietmond South Gallery. Understandably, a decision has been made to rename this the Norum Heights Gallery in the meantime.

Baker sitting at a downtown patio enjoying a beer.

Heading toward Mashed Potato Hills from downtown…

… but instead turning right before leaving the city proper to stroll out…

…to the more isolated, north side of town. Probably will name this Northside. Again, this is now home to the Towers of TILE, still containing the Baker Bloch in England exhibit first cobbled together last summer in Noru as part of the Blue Feather Gallery there.

Blochs inside House Orange with the great view of Crystal Cave Ridge. As stated before, this house has now been moved more toward the center of town, but the great views remain.


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